The Object sent for approval widget allows user to view and filter all or selected current objects that are sent for approval. Once users access the homepage, they can view a list of objects that are pending approvals by the user or everyone else.

Users can filter by Object type which includes:

  1. Asset
  2. Attribute
  3. Control
  4. Document
  5. KCI
  6. KPI
  7. KRI
  8. Objective
  9. Org Unit
  10. Process
  11. Report
  12. Resource
  13. Risk
  14. Role
  15. Rule

Objects Sent for Approval Widget Components

Component Description
Name Name of the Object
Type Type of Object
Pending Since The date is was sent for review

Objects Sent for Approval Widget Navigation

1. Navigate to the Home Page and add a “Objects sent for approval” Widget using the Dashboard Manager.

2. Click on the icon to immediately view the object in a graph mode

3. Click on the name of the object to navigate to the item’s Detail Page

To customize the Objects Send for Approval Widget, click here

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