The table below list all the actions a user can do using rich text editor

Icon Name Description
Source View or edit the document source code (for advanced users).
Print Print the current document.
Cut Cut the highlighted text to the clipboard.
Copy Copy the highlighted text to the clipboard.
Paste Paste the data copied to the clipboard.
Paste as plain text Paste the data copied to the clipboard (without formatting).
Paste from Word Paste content copied from Microsoft Word or similar applications.
Undo Undo the most recent action taken.
Redo Redo the most recent action taken.
Find Find a word or phrase within the document.
Replace Find and replace a word or phrase within the document.
Select All Select the entire text in the document.
Bold Applies Bold formatting to highlighted text.
Italic Applies Italic formatting to highlighted text.
Underline Applies Underline formatting to highlighted text.
Strikethrough Applies Strike Through formatting to highlighted text.
Subscript Subscript the highlighted text.
Superscript Superscript the highlighted text.
Copy Formatting Copy the highlighted text’s formatting.
Remove Format Remove the formatting from the highlighted text.
Insert/Remove Numbered List Create Numbered Lists.
Insert/Remove Bulleted List Create Bulleted Lists.
Decrease Indent Decrease the paragraph indent.
Increase Indent Increase the paragraph indent.
Block Quote Format a block of text to identify quotations.
Create Div Container Creates a container to apply formatting beyond one block of text.
Align Left Set text alignment left.
Align Center Set text alignment center.
Align Right Set text alignment right.
Justify Justify text alignment.
Text Direction from Left to Right Displays text left to right.
Text Direction from Right to Left Displays text right to left.
Embed Media from External Sites View or edit an URL (shorted URLs are also supported) from supported sites.
Table Creates a table with the defined number of columns and rows.
Insert Horizontal Line Inserts a divider line (horizontal rule).
Insert Special Character Inserts symbols & special characters (accented characters, trademark, currency symbol, etc.).
Image Inserts images into the document.
Paragraph Format Applies paragraph formatting to a block of text.
Font Name Applies a specific font to a block of text.
Font size Applies a specific size to a block of text.
Text Color Changes the color of the text.
Background Color Changes the background color of the text.
Maximize Maximizes the editor size inside the browser.

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