Users are able to print their Map Graphs by clicking on the Print button on the toolbar. See Instructions below.

There are 2 Print Modes from which the user can choose, see Manual Print and Dynamic Print

1. Select Print button at the upper left corner of the page

2. A print settings panel will be displayed on the user’s screen

Setting Options Description
A Print Mode a. Manual Print
b. Dynamic Print
Leaves the map as is
Adjusts the map according to settings choices
B Graph Layout a. Left to Right
b. Top to Bottom
Sideways layout of graphic being printed (multipage)
Top-down layout of graphic being printed (multipage)
C Page Layout a. Landscape
b. Portrait
Landscape (“Sideways”) page orientation
Portrait (“top-Down”) page orientation
D Page Size a. Letter
b. Legal
c. A3
d. A4
8.5 × 11.0 in (216 × 279 mm)
8.5 × 14.0 in (216 × 356 mm)
11.7 × 16.54 in (297 × 420 mm)
8.3 × 11.7 in (210 × 297 mm)
E Header & Footer a. None
b. Header & Footer
No header & footer on the printed page
Pre-designed header & footer displayed on the printed page

3. Select desired print settings options and click the print button at the bottom right corner of the window

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