A collection of the best and most useful videos we have created at Blast. These videos directly impact you and focus in on Swing Phases, Swing Profiles, and Key Blast Metrics.

Key Metrics

Blast Motion Key Metrics
Walkthrough Blast Swing Metrics for Plane, Connection, and Rotation with actual hitter examples to help you understand Key Metrics in the swing.

Swing Profile

Swing Consistency Profile: Early Connection + Connection at Impact
Consistency Swing Profiles have two parts: Early Connection (deg) and Connection at Impact (deg). Learn more.
Contact Profile: On Plane Efficiency + Attack Angle
Power Profile with Blast

Metric Definition & Comparison

Attack Angle vs. Launch Angle
How does your Attack Angle affect your Launch Angle? Strive to match your Attack Angle to your desired Launch Angle based on the type of hitter you are. The hardest balls are hit when you square up the ball by having a similar Attack Angle and Launch Angle. Watch this video to learn more.
Vertical Bat Angle
Vertical Bat Angle is the angle of the bat with respect to horizontal at the moment of impact. Vertical Bat Angle is measured in degrees and provides the location of the barrel of the bat relative to the knob of the bat at impact. Vertical Bat Angle will be zero when the barrel of the bat and the knob are parallel to the ground. Vertical Bat Angle will be negative when the barrel of the bat is below the knob of the bat at impact.
Connection at Impact
Connection (at impact) measures the relationship between your body tilt and vertical bat angle at impact. Maintaining a good connection (90 degrees) for all pitch locations is an indicator of dynamic adjustability.
Early Connection
Early Connection measures the relationship between your body tilt and vertical bat angle at the start of the downswing. Establishing a good connection (90 degrees) early in the swing helps you get on a plane and increases your ability to adjust to all pitch locations.
Rotational Acceleration
Rotation measures how quickly your bat accelerates into the swing plane. Rotation is a good indicator of how you build bat speed by sequencing properly vs. pulling the bat with your hands. The quicker your rotational acceleration, the more power you will have and the more time you have to make a decision at the plate.
On Plane Efficiency
Measures the percentage of your swing where the bat is on the swing plane. Your vertical bat angle at contact establishes the plane for that swing. Plane is a great indicator for making more consistent contact on the barrel of the bat.
Connection at Impact vs Early Connection
See what Connection at Impact and Early Connection are and how they are measured. Connection at Impact measures the relationship between body tilt and vertical bat angle at impact. Early Connection measures the relationship between body tilt and vertical bat angle just after the start of the swing.


Which Metrics to Train First
Learn which metrics you should train around and focus on first. The first two metrics we recommend the training to are Early Connection (Swing Metric) and Attack Angle (Impact Metric).
PVC Pipe Drill: Deep Dive
Take a deeper look at our PVC Pipe drill so you can learn tips and tricks on how to best use the drill, and make better hitters.
Small Ball Drill with Decision Making
You can make any drill game-like and add a decision-making process. Watch this video to learn an advanced way to do the small ball drill by adding different color balls and adding decision-making into the mix.
Heavy Ball Playing Catch
Using a heavy ball can be a great tool to use for feedback. Learn some ways to use the heavy ball drill with hitters to promote a good swing and hard contact. The heavy ball gives exaggerated feedback. The drill is also a game because you are playing catch. Watch to learn more!
Weighted Bat Sleeve with your Own Bat
Swinging a heavy bat is great for your swing, including Plane, Connection, and Rotation. Learn how and when to use a heavy bat, along with easy ways to add weight to your existing bat.
6-Ball Approach Drill
Use the simple 6-Ball approach drill to train plate discipline and approach. Choose your favorite part of the plate and create a visual for your hitter to understand the plate and their approach.
How to Improve Early Connection & Attack Angle
What is Early Connection and Attack Angle? Learn how to train with these metrics, with specific drills to help you improve.

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