Trigger Conditions

In order to provide a degree of flexibility as to when a web service might be called as part of the Remedy Change Management workflow, a new foundation form BTI:TE:WS_TriggerConditions (see Figure 3), has been created. This form can contain entries that are used to determine if an instance of a Change Request should call a web service in order to create a related Business Task in ActiveControl.

Figure 3: BTI:TE:WS_TriggerConditions

Entries in BTI:TE:WS_TriggerConditions define various criteria that a Change Request is compared against to determine if that request should create a Business Task in ActiveControl. The criteria entries must contain a minimum of a Location Company (matched against the Location Company field on the Change Request form or any) and a Change Request Status (matched against the Change Request Status field on the Change Request form), but can also include a combination of Operational and Product Category tier fields that if defined are matched against the corresponding field combinations in an instance of a Change record. Note that entries in this form can use the value of – Global – for the Location Company field, in which case that entry will match any Location Company value found in a Change Request.

In addition to the trigger criteria fields referred to above, entries in this form also contain Web Service input values that are applicable to that triggering condition. This allows flexibility to create Business Tasks in ActiveControl with different input values for different Change states, companies and Change categorisation combinations. It also allows for flexible maintenance of this data should it be required due to configuration changes on the target environment.

To reach BTI:TE:WS_TriggerConditions in order to set up web service trigger condition records, it is necessary to create entries in the following forms:
RAC:Config Options
RAC:Config Tasks

These entries will ensure that a menu option appears in the Application Administration (Custom tab) under the Change Management -> Basis Technologies Settings menu structure.
The values for these entries are as follows:

RAC:Config Options

Field Label Field Value
Application Change Management
Object Name BTIWSTrigger
Console Text Basis Technologies Settings
Description Manage Basis Technologies Web Service Triggers
Status Enabled
Sorting Order 8
Display on Console Yes
DataTags Config-CHG

RAC:Config Tasks

Field Label Field Value
Option Name BTIWSTrigger
Task Name Web Service Trigger
Console Text Web Service Trigger
Task Type Standard
Description Trigger condition combinations (Location Company / Change Status / Op Cat / Prod Cat) can be created or modified using this option.
Accessible Groups Infrastructure Change Config
Display on Console Yes
Status Enabled
DataTags Config-CHG
Config Form BTI:TE:WS_TriggerConditions
WUT View Name Default Administrator View
Web View Name Default Administrator View
Form Open Mode Submit

Selecting the menu item for Web Service Trigger brings the form up in new mode. If you wish to modify existing entries in the form, simply change the mode to search and perform either a blank or QBE search. Pressing the Cancel button will close the form without saving changes or creating a new entry. Pressing the Save button will either create a new entry, or modify an existing one depending on upon the mode the form is currently in.


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