Tariff Rules

Tariff rules are the criteria the system uses to compute how much a customer must be charged for a specific job. The system will automatically select the tariff based on several factors such as the booking source, vehicle type, number of passengers and zones.

To begin setting the Tariff rules, click on the button Tariff Rules.

The criteria or constraints that you can select for setting your rules are:

  1. Rules that are applicable to only a specific company.

  1. Rules that depend on the source of booking.

  1. You can set rules based on zones.

  1. You can previously define a tariff group to be able to specify that a certain rule is only applicable to a specific group.

  1. Rules that are only applied to a specific tariff category.

Tariff Groups

To start adding tariff groups, click on the button Tariff Groups.

You can add and delete tariff groups that you would like to set.

Extras Tariffs

Extra tariffs are extra charges that you might need to consider when providing a job, for example, tolls.

To begin setting extra tariffs click on the button Extras.

A new pop up window will appear. And you will see two tariffs already created: Taximeter and Fixed Price.
Taximeter and Fixed Price are the default tariffs that the system creates for running properly.

To start adding extra tariffs click on the Add button.

The extra tariffs will be available to select in the Driver app. First got to settings>general>payment options and check the box Enable the advanced payment flow in the driver app.

Once in the app, the option will be available when paying the bill. The driver can access to the extra tariffs pressing the plus button.

Finally, the driver will be able to select the toll.

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