Replay traces the routes for all your vehicles in areas. See where all or just one of your vehicles have been at any time.

To access this go to History > Replay in the admin panel.

You can watch the following video to see it in action:

How to use:

  • Select a time period and a vehicle (or All to get an overview).
  • Press the arrow to search.

  • You should see a list now with the results, there you can select to see either the Shifts or the Jobs tab.
  • Select a shift or a job (or none to see all)
  • Use the time slider at the bottom of the screen to Replay the time period you need to see. You can change the speed, start, stop and rewind at any time using the play control keys.

Buttons from left to right: Rewind, Stop, Play, Forward. The blue square indicates the current speed which can be changed by pressing rewind or forward repeatedly.