Driver Information

In this section, you will be able to manage all the features on how would you like to show the job information to the driver.

SMS notify a driver set to away when job is offered to them:
If enabled, it will allow you to notify the driver (via SMS) when it is set as Away in the Driver App that there is a job available.

In order to make it work, you will need to add the phone number of the driver in the field Phone Number under Settings>Users>Create and Modify your Users.

*Setting only available for Android devices

Enable sound notification for job updates:
When enabling this setting, the system will enable sound notifications In the Driver App to let the driver know about incoming jobs.

Job auto status:
If you enable this function the driver’s status will be automatically updated based on the GPS position.
In the Driver App, this will be visible when the system pops-up automatic status notifications like the following shown below. The system will send notifications whenever is changing from one status to another.

Dispatch phone number:
You can add the dispatch phone number in this field to make it visible to the driver.
*Setting only available for Android devices

Information shown in the driver app

The following settings will allow you to select what information about the jobs would you like to make visible for your drivers.

Show coming jobs in the zone queue in the driver app

If enabled, the driver will be able to see the incoming jobs of the different assignment zones that you have created.
To make this visible in the Driver App, the driver will need to click on Zones and then select Show: Zones in order to see the incoming jobs per zone.

Show unassigned ASAP jobs
You will be able to see the unassigned ASAP Jobs.

Show client phone
If this feature is enabled it will show to the Driver the phone number of the Customer.

For this setting to work, you will need to enter the Passenger phone in the Phone field in the Dispatch Consol.

Show extended information about customer accounts

This feature will show extended information of the customer account you have created under Account>Customers.

In order to make this feature work, when creating a Job in Dispatch you will need to search for the account of the Customer you have previously created.
To know more about it please visit the Create a Customer Account Section

Selecting a specific customer account will automatically populate the Passenger Fields in the Dispatch Consol that later will be displayed in the Driver App when doing a job for that specific client, disable this setting if you do not want to show this information to the Driver.

Hide the job creator name for the driver

If enabled the Driver will not know who created the job he/she is receiving.

Hide the job view before shift start

This setting will hide Job View and Zones in the Driver App before the driver starts the shift.

Hide vehicles IDs in the zone queue in the driver app
If activating this feature, the drivers will only see visible their own vehicle id, in this example, 1 Hummer Limousine.
Otherwise, if it is not enabled, you will be able to see which vehicle is in which position of the zone queue.

Show coming jobs within
You will be able to select a time range from when you would like to visualize jobs in the Driver App.

Hide jobs older than
With this setting, you will be able to select after how much time you would like to stop displaying old jobs.

Incoming job information
Additionally, you will be able to customize how would you like to display the information about a coming job to the driver.
You can play around with the following features hiding or displaying the information depending on your business needs.

Driver Conduct

If the driver has not been able to accept the jobs; it is possible to enable some features about how would you like to approach
this actions.

If the driver rejects, times-out or the device is unreachable you can choose from three actions what would you like to do.

Do nothing: if you want that the system remains with no action at all.
Move to back of queue: the driver will lose its zone queue position.
Set to away: set the status of the driver as Away in the Driver App.

You can also define the minimum amount of time you want to allow the driver to wait at the pick-up location.

Finally, with the Presence Challenge feature you will be able to keep active monitoring on your drivers.

The driver will receive a pop-up window in which they will be required to Accept in order to prove they are still active. If the driver fails to accept the system will finish the driver’s shift.

You can define the frequency that you would like to send the pop-up window, for example, every 1 h 30 min. You will also be able to define the variation of the notification, so it does not always go at the same time but randomly in a range. In this example, we set the variation to 15 min, which means that the system will send the notification randomly between 1:30 – 1:45 [h:min].

This setting will be visible in the Driver App looking as following.