ReCrystallize Server supports changing the Record Selection Formula when viewing a Crystal Report. The Record Selection Formula is generally used to limit the set of data included in a report.

You may add condition(s) to the report’s existing Record Selection Formula using


or replace the existing formula entirely using


As with parameters, these may be passed on the URL or POSTed to the viewreport.aspx page from a form.

The replaceRSF option will completely replace the original Record Selection Formula. The appendRSF option will combine the value with the existing Record Selection Formula using a logical AND. In either case, the value provided must be valid Crystal Reports formula syntax in the context of the specific report. ReCrystallize Server does not perform any Record Selection Formula syntax checking. If an invalid formula value is provided, an error will result.

Record Selection Formula Examples

Consider a Crystal Report with a database field “author” where you wish to limit the report contents to those records where the author field is equal to “Shakespeare”. Using replaceRSF , the web address would be similar to


In this example,


is the complete Crystal Reports formula syntax for the Record Selection Formula to be applied. Please consult Crystal Reports documentation or the formula editor in the Crystal Reports designer to work out the correct formula syntax. ReCrystallize Server does not check for correct formula syntax.

Now assume that the report in the previous example had


set as its default Record Selection Formula at design time using the Crystal Report designer. You could further limit data in the report by adding to the existing Record Selection Formula with appendRSF.


This would modify the effective Record Selection Formula to

{author}=”Orwell” AND {title}=”1984”

As with parameter values, the selection formula may be posted from a form rather than included in the link.

In the example above, an equivalent approach would be to create a parameter “authorname” in Crystal Reports and then set the Record Selection Formula to


When viewing the report with ReCrystallize Server, the author name could simply be passed as a parameter to control record selection:




Last modified: 12 November 2021


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