Why CadConnect

The main purpose is to read a construction bill of material file generated from a CAD system into the CadConnect solution where the user (the production engineer) starts his work adapting the construction data into a format which he see is the optimal way to produce the item.

A secondary purpose is to use an existing BC product and turn this into a new similar product in a same-as-except manner.

The solution can also be used creating new products by just adding manually, in CadConnect

No matter what background material is used, you can work with the full product on one screen, whilst avoiding the standard BC way of doing everything one level at a time with little transparency of what you are doing.

Here you see an overview of the traditional way from R&D to production engineering to manufacturing:

From construction bill of materials to production bill of materials

The user is able to re-structure (modeling) a CAD construction bill of material into more or fewer production bill of material levels, suiting the production way of representing the product.

The modelling process can be supplemented by adding / changing / deleting components, but also adding production processes (routings) to the produced items.

Routings can be imported along with BOM, built manually step-by-step,and/or copied in from existing routings in BC.

Schematically it looks like this:

1. Usually the CAD construction bill of material is a kind of a flat structure:

2. The production engineer perhaps models the construction bill into this production bill of material and add processes:

3. Or perhaps the production engineer models construction bill into this production bill of material and add processes:

Automatic Data creation in BC
When the user is satisfied with the work he clicks on the “Create items/BOM’s and routings” function key, and items, BOM’s, alternatively assembly BOM’s and routings are created automatically in BC.

More than just a CAD connection

Perhaps the user in another situation wants to use an existing BC construction by modifying this into a variant or something which differs slightly from a current construction.

It is then possible to read (copy) data from BC, change and re-model these data, and create a new variant product in BC.

The opportunity to build a product in Cadconnect without using a CAD system, or other data as input, also exists.


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