Version comparison has has a few different versions which are used or implemented gradually.
This page will show what differences there are between the versions.


  • First myshop version
  • Old editor, based fully on productlists
  • Uses /productlistN and /productinfoN urls to display productlists and moreinfo screens
  • Shop only consist of productlists, moreinfo screens and the checkout process
  • Switching between productlists or shoppingcart was possible with tabs shown on the top of the shop
  • Selection bases on globalsearch or specific columns (if used in advanced search block or menu) was possible
  • Menu and basic shoppingcart summary were possible to show on the left
  • Mostly uses javascript to display the information client side
  • Custom layout possibilities, but most settings cannot be used in the custom layout


  • Introduces skins to show more then just the products
  • Skins contain tabs which can point to own pages (build using block editor), productlists, shoppingcart, or pages from own site (using iframes)
  • Initially the ‘pages/skins’ were incorporated in the old editor (called layout), later replaced by the current editor
  • More advanced product variations
  • Cross-selling products
  • Improved checkout
  • 1-click-basket and checkout
  • Possibility to make more dynamic links, for customer information, product information, coupon codes, etc


  • Mainly a grand improvement to the checkout process
  • Checkout process is no longer based on javascript
  • Custom layout templates now incorporate most settings from the editor
  • Lots of improvements to how the order process looks
  • New menu capabilities allow for more customization


  • Last step to making the complete shop being build by HTML instead of client side javascript
  • Javascript is still used, but only to enhance the experience, not for the display of product information itself
  • Productlist blocks are introduced, tabs pointing to productlists no longer work
  • New set of custom templates is released, base system now also uses those templates
  • Improvements to how productlists look, introduction of new layouts
  • Custom templates for productlist and moreinfo now also use the settings from the editor
  • First release to be fully google friendly, allowing the shops to have high rankings in search results

As of june 2011, most of our users use version 2.4 or 3.x. Converting shops to 3.0 is a ongoing process, and has many advantages.

Version percentages (usage):
1.0: 2.4%
2.0: 11.4%
2.4: 40.4%
3.0: 45.8%


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