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Attribute(s) style
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Relation customer information screen; myshop-repeat:customer-fields

This extension allows you to display the user submitted value of any customer field on the approval and confirmation screens.When using this extension you should replace the (name) part by either a system name or the name of a user-defined field. These fields are set in the address information settings of the shop. Within the myShop system there are two kinds of customer-fields: pre-defined and user-defined. The pre-defined customer-fields are identified by system names, following the table below. The use-defined customer-fields are identified by the name you filled in for the name of the field at the address information settings.

Billing and delivery

The extension, when used as myshop-value:customer-field-billing-(name) will show the billing value by default. It is possible to reference a specific value using billing- and delivery- like so: myshop-value:customer-field-billing-name for billing and myshop-value:customer-field-delivery-name for delivery values. Keep in mind that this is case sensitive, this is, It is required the exact name of the field.

By the other hand, when you set this among the delivery ones, you can use : myshop-value:customer-delivery-billing-(name)

You will be able to set this, at your Address Customer Fields configuration : Order Process > Address Fields > Address Customer Fields

Table: System names of pre-defined customer-fields

Field System name
E-mail email
Company company
Department department
Firstname firstname
Name (last) name
Prefix surnameprefix
Street street
Street Number streetnr
Zip code zip
City city
Telephone home telhome
Telephone work telwork
Telephone mobile telmob
Fax fax
Remark remark
State state
Country country
Initials initials
Customer Number customerid
Gender gender
Age age
Second line company name company2
Second line address street2
VAT number vatnumber
Account number for bank accountnumber
Account holder name accountholder
Account holder city accountholdercity
Free to Define (name)


Below is an example which shows how to use this extension for both pre-defined as user-defined customer-fields.


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