The moreinfo page of a shop is used to display detailed information about one product. The moreinfo page can be accessed from the productlist, but can also be viewed directly, e.g. through the url<shopnumber>/productinfo1 (see also the help of the myShop editor). A moreinfo page with a custom layout is a lot like a productlist page. There are some small differences because the information of only one product is displayed. The example below shows the base code for creating a moreinfo page.

For more info about related products see this link


                <title>Moreinfo example</title>
                <table style="myshop-block:product" border="1">
                                <td colspan="2" align="right">
                                        <a style="myshop-action:order">order</a>
                                        <a style="myshop-action:back">back</a>
                                <td style="myshop-label:1;font-weight:bold"></td>
                                <td style="myshop-value:1;color:red"></td>
                                <td style="myshop-label:2;font-weight:bold"></td>
                                <td style="myshop-value:2"></td>

This example shows that the structure of a moreinfo screen is less complicated than that of a productlist. Its is only necessary to mark the beginning of the block with the myShop extension myshop-block:product (see line 6) Within this block the myShop extensions myshop-label and myshop-value can be used to show the titles and values of the fields. In this example the links for ordering and navigating are defined too (see line 9 and 11).

More info extra pictures

You can easy set your product extra pictures by using the following convention: img1_thumb.jpg=img1.jpg;img2_thumb=img2.jpg
This will make the thumb picture to be linked to the large picture. You can add as many extra pictures as you would like to.

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