myshop-calculate:< expression >

Entity Value
Attribute(s) style
Type value
Relation productlist, moreinfo, orderprocess

Sometimes it may be needed to show a calculated number in a template or orderprocess screen. The extension myshop-calculate can calculate and display a number for you. Need to format the number? Use myshop-calculate:format-number for this purpose.

Create option format
format- number(number,format[,‘d ecimal-comma’]) Required. Specifies the format pattern:
  • 0 (Digit)
  • # (Digit, zero shows as absent)
  • . (The position of the decimal point Example: ###.##)
  • , (The group separator for thousands. Example: ###,###.##)
  • % (Displays the number as a percentage. Example: ##%)
  • * ; (Pattern separator. The first pattern will be used for positive numbers and the second for negative numbers)
abs(number) Returns the absolute value of the argument.
Example: abs(3.14)

Result: 3.14
Example: abs(-3.14)

Result: 3.14
celling(number) Returns the smallest integer that is greater than the number argument.
Example: ceiling(3.14)
Result: 4
floor(number) Returns the largest integer that is not greater than the number argument.
Example: floor(3.14)

Result: 3
round(number) Rounds the number argument to the nearest integer.
Example: round(3.14)
Result: 3


This example shows how to calculate the number of points granted for a basket row. In this example the column called ‘product_points’ is added as backoffice/xml field, as such it is available using the extra-[columnname] expression. The calculation calculates the number of points by using this column and multiply it with the quantity of the current basket row.

<tr class="myshp_basket_product" style="myshop-repeat:basket;">
    <td class="myshp_basket_product_name">
        <span style="myshop-value:product-id"></span> 
    <td class="myshp_basket_product_description">
        <span style=”myshop-value:description;" ></span>
    <td class="myshp_basket_product_quantity">
        <span style="myshop-value:quantity;"></span>
        (points <span style="myshop-calculate:{extra-product_points}*{ quantity };"></span>)

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