In the referencelist all myshop extensions are described which can be used within the custom template. Many of these extensions include some sample code which can be easily copied for use in your own custom templates.

Each page describing an extension has a default layout consisting of a table with some basic information followed by an explaination of the extension and possibly some sample code(s).

Entity Value
Attribute(s) style
Element meta
Type action
Relation document
Parameters quantity = <quantity>
Context document:order; document:ordercontinue

All possible values of the basic information table of a myshop extension are explained below.


The value for the entity ‘attribute’ dictates within which attributes in the XHTML page the described myshop extension should be placed. Examples are <span style="myshop-value:1"/> and <a href="myshop-eval:{$WebSiteURL}">linktekst</a>
Possible attributes within which the myshop extensions can be used are:

  • style
  • href
  • title
  • alt
  • value
  • name
  • onclick


Dictates within which HTML element the myshop extension can be used, this is mostly used for certain initials setting values like the number of lines per page etc.
Possible values:

  • meta


The type describes what king of extension is being explained, possible values are:

  • action
  • container
  • value
  • repeat
  • control
  • placeholder


Informs which other myshop extensions are related to the described myshop extension. In order to understand the context of an extion it is wise to also study the related extensions.


Some myshop extensions have need of extra information (mandatory or not). What extra information this is is described here.
Example: with myshop-action:orderdirect the parameter quantity can be given.


The context shows in within which context a extension can be used. For example some extensions can only be used within the orderprocess pages.


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