BDEx is designed for process optimization for Utilities running SAP CR&B, accelerating the investigation and resolution of Back Office exceptions and significantly improving Front Office call handling. BDEx is a certified add on to SAP for Utilities, designed to integrate with standard SAP BPEM, SAP CRM Web UI and SAP C4C.

BDEx consists of four modules, the Customer Centric Hub, BPEM Closure Control, the Dynamic Work Center and BDEx Connect.

BDEx Customer Centric Hub:
Exceptions management in standard SAP is complicated, time consuming and takes multiple transactions and systems to resolve the issues. Typically an agent will need to navigate across multiple transactions and systems to investigate and fix an exception. The Customer Centric Hub is designed to accelerate this process by providing the user with a complete 360 degree view of the customer, showing all open work and exceptions, past interactions and the history of completed work. The Customer Centric Hub provides the following functionality:

• A customer centric view of all open work and exceptions.
• The summary notes screen that provides easy visibility of all notes across the BPEM Cases, CRM Interaction Records, Business Contacts, Service Orders and Service Notifications.
• A history screen that shows the previously resolved work and exceptions.
• An invoice history screen, which provides the invoicing history for the customer.
• The ability to log each activity that an agent performs, enabling a comprehensive and highly accurate view of the time are taking to resolve exceptions, enabling accurate AHT measurements.
• The root cause analysis screen, showing the interdependencies between exceptions, highlighting which are the symptoms and which issues are the root causes.
• The customer centric hub provides the ability to investigate and resolve exceptions through the provision of right click actions. These are either accessed from a Master Data Object (e.g. Business Partner, Contract or Installation) or a piece of work (e.g. BPEM Case, Service Order, Billing Outsorts) and provide the ability to access all the relevant transactions from within BDEx.

BPEM Closure Control:
Standard SAP BPEM does not enforce the link between the exception (BPEM) case and the underlying root cause issue. This means that an agent can close a case without having fixed the issue. It also means that the underlying problem, for example an implausible read, can be resolved but the case may remain open.

BPEM Closure Control provides the ability to define the condition of when the case can or cannot be closed. Preventing volumes of exceptions in the system without cases to track and manage these. If the condition is not met the agent will not be able to close the case (it can be ‘hard stop’ or a warning that the user can override. This is configurable per rule). This prevents agents from closing cases where they haven’t fixed the problem or followed all of the resolution steps. If the condition is met the agent is allowed to close the case.

There is a regular (typically nightly) batch job that will automatically close cases where the condition has satisfied, avoiding the need for an agent to manually work the case. This prevents cases ‘hanging around’ when they have already been fixed or unnecessary manual intervention where a case isn’t actually a problem anymore enabling the focus to be clearing issues rather than wasteful exceptions requiring no action, ensuring an agents time is productive.

Dynamic Work Center:
The Dynamic Work Center is the inbox functionality within BDEx, focusing on delivering the right work, to the right people, at the right time and in the right sequence. It provides the ability for agents to receive BPEM Cases and Work Items and for manager to view in real time the open work for their team.

BDEx Connect:
BDEx Connect exposes the functionality of our Customer-Centric Hub as an OData Service. This enables external systems outside of SAP IS-U to leverage the real time, customer centric information available in BDEx. Typical applications of this could be to integrate BDEx with SAP C4C or external non SAP systems.

This means that regardless of technology, platform or application, BDEx Connect provides answers to questions about customers (or accounts, or other Master Data objects) using the universally-accepted and browser-friendly language of HTTP without the need for complex interfaces, file formats or even operational scheduling.


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