Out of the Box BDEx Actions:

BDEx provides 303 ‘out of the box’ right-click actions available in the Customer Centric Hub. These actions are:

Action ID SAP Transaction Code Action Description Master Data Object or Work Request
AC0001 CAA3 Display Contract Account Contract Account
AC0002 CAA2 Change Contract Account Contract Account
AC0003 EASIBI Invoicing Contract Account
AC0004 FPM3 Display Dunning History Contract Account
AC0005 FPR3 Display Installment Plans Contract Account
AC0007 ECENV_BP Data Environment Contract Account
AC0008 CORRHIST Display Correspondence History Contract Account
AC0009 FPL9 Display Account Balance Contract Account
AC0010 EA40 Display Last Print Document Contract Account
AC0011 FPR1 Create Instalment Plan Contract Account
AC0012 FPR2 Change Instalment plan Contract Account
AC0013 EABICO Billing Correction Contract Account
AC0014 FPE1 Post Document Contract Account
AC0015 FPE3 Display Document Contract Account
AC0016 FPE2 Change Document Contract Account
AC0017 FP08 Reverse Document Contract Account
AC0018 EA13 Full Reversal Contract Account
AC0019 Change Move-In Document Contract Account
AC0020 EASIBI Bill and Invoice Contract Account
AC0021 EA19 Create or Simulate Invoice Contract Account
AC0022 CAA1 Create Contract Account Contract Account
AC0023 FPSEC3 Display Security Deposit Contract Account
AC0024 FPSEC2 Change Security Deposit Contract Account
AC0025 FP04 Write-off History Contract Account
AC0026 FP40 Transfer Items Contract Account
AC0027 FP07 Reset Cleared Items Contract Account
ACTI0001 Display Activity CRM Activity
ACTI0002 Change Activity CRM Activity
ALCK0001 CAA2 Maintain Contract Account Lock FICA Lock
ALCK0002 CAA2 Remove Contract Account Lock FICA Lock
ALCK0003 CAA2 Change Contract Account Lock FICA Lock
ALCK0004 CAA3 Display Contract Account Lock FICA Lock
ALCK0005 FPL9 Display Account Balance FICA Lock
ALCK0006 FPM3 Display Dunning History FICA Lock
ALCK0007 Display Invoice Lock FICA Lock
ALCK0008 ES22 Display Contract FICA Lock
ALCK0009 ES21 Change Contract FICA Lock
ALCK0010 FPE3 Display Document FICA Lock
ALCK0011 FPE2 Change Document FICA Lock
ALCK0012 FPE3 Display Line Item FICA Lock
ALCK0013 FPE2 Change Line Item FICA Lock
ALCK0014 Maintain Account Lock FICA Lock
AMI001 EAMIMON01 Confirm Process Status AMI Error
AMI002 EAMIMON01 Display Primary Object AMI Error
AMI003 EAMIMON01 Display Secondary Object AMI Error
AMI004 EAMIMON01 Display Message Log AMI Error
AMI005 EAMIMON01 Display PI Content AMI Error
AMI006 EAMIMON01 View in AMI Monitor AMI Error
BCHK0001 ES32 Display Installation Billing Check
BCHK0002 ES31 Change Installation Billing Check
BCHK0003 ES22 Display Contract Billing Check
BCHK0004 ES21 Change Contract Billing Check
BCHK0005 CAA2 Change Contract Account Billing Check
BCHK0006 EG71 Display Rate Billing Check
BCHK0007 EASICH Re-run Billing Check Billing Check
BDCI0001 Display BDoc BDoc Error
BDCO0001 Display BDoc BDoc Error
BDOCDISCL Display Classic BDoc message BDoc Error
BDOCDISEXL Display Extended BDoc message BDoc Error
BDOCDISP Display BDoc BDoc Error
BDOCOL Display Object Links BDoc Error
BDOCREP Reprocess BDoc BDoc Error
BORD0001 EASIBI Bill Billing Order Billing Order
BORD0002 EL31 Display Billing Order Billing Order
BORD0003 ES22 Display Contract Billing Order
BORD0004 ES32 Display Installation Billing Order
BORD0006 E25T Display Billing Order Trigger Billing Order
BORD0007 EL37 Reverse Meter Readings Billing Order
BOUT0001 EA05 Display Billing Outsort Billing Outsort
BOUT0002 EA05 Release Billing Outsort Billing Outsort
BOUT0003 EA22 Display Billing Document Billing Outsort
BOUT0004 EA20 Reverse Billing Document Billing Outsort
BOUT0005 SLG1 Display Log Billing Outsort
BOUT0006 FPL9 Display Account Balance Billing Outsort
BOUT0007 EA21 Adjustment Reversal Billing Outsort
BOUT0008 EA24 Delete Adjustment Reversal Doc. Number Billing Outsort
BP0001 BP Display Business Partner Business Partner
BP0002 BP Change Business Partner Business Partner
BP0003 BCT2 Display Most Recent Contact Business Partner
BP0004 CORRHIST Display Correspondence History Business Partner
BP0005 FPL9 Display Account Balance Business Partner
BP0006 ECENV_BP Data Environment Business Partner
BP0007 FPM3 Display Dunning History Business Partner
BP0008 ECVBP02 Customer Data Business Partner
BP0009 EA40 Display Invoice/Print Documents Business Partner
BP0012 EC50E Create Move-In Business Partner
BP0013 EC52E Display Move-In Documents Business Partner
BP0014 BCT0 Create Contact Business Partner
BP0015 BCT2 Display Contacts Business Partner
BP0016 FPCR1 Display Credit Worthiness Business Partner
BP0017 ES51 Create Owner Allocation Business Partner
BP0018 ES53 Display Owner Allocation Business Partner
BP0019 ES54 Reverse Owner Allocation Business Partner
BP0020 INVMON Inbound Bill Monitoring Business Partner
BPEM0001 EMMAC3 Display Case BPEM Case
BPEM0002 EMMAC2 Change Case BPEM Case
BPEM0003 EMMAC2 Close Case BPEM Case
BPEM0005 EMMAC2 Assign Case BPEM Case
BPEM0006 EMMAC2 Accept Case BPEM Case
BPEM0007 EMMAC2 Forward Case BPEM Case
BPEM0008 EMMAC2 Cancel Case BPEM Case
BPEM0009 EMMAC2 Reopen Case BPEM Case
BPEM0010 EMMAC2 Put Case back in Queue BPEM Case
BPEM0011 EMMAC2 Complete Case BPEM Case
BPEM0012 EMMAC2 Change Case Note BPEM Case
BPEM0013 EMMAC2 Reassign Case BPEM Case
BPEM0014 EMMAC2 Complete Case (with Note) BPEM Case
BPEM0015 EMMAC2 Confirm Case BPEM Case
BPEM0016 EMMAC2 Complete and Confirm (with Note) BPEM Case
BPEM0017 EMMAC3 View Assignment History BPEM Case
CBLK0001 ES22 Display Contract Contract Block
CBLK0002 ES21 Change Contract Contract Block
CBLK0003 ES21 Remove Block Contract Block
CBLK0004 FPM3 Display Dunning History Contract Block
CBLK0005 CAA3 Display Contract Account Contract Block
CBLK0006 CAA2 Change Contract Account Contract Block
CBLK0007 FPL9 Display Account Balance Contract Block
CIWI0001 FP03H Display Collection History Collection Work Item
CIWI0002 FPM3 Display Dunning History Collection Work Item
CIWI0003 FPR3 Display Installment Plan Overview Collection Work Item
CIWI0004 CORRHIST Display Collection Item History Collection Work Item
CIWI0005 FPL9 Display Account Balance Collection Work Item
CO0001 ES57 Display Connection Object Connection Object
CO0002 ES56 Change Connection Object Connection Object
CO0003 ECENV_CO Data Environment Connection Object
CO0004 IW51 Create Service Notification Connection Object
COLI0002 FPM3 Display Dunning History Collection Item
COLI0003 FPR3 Display Installment Plan Overview Collection Item
COLI0004 FP03H Display Collection Item History Collection Item
COLI0005 FPL9 Display Account Balance Collection Item
CONT0001 BCT2 Display Contact Contact
CORR001 FKK_CORR_HISTORY Display Correspondence History Correspondence
CT001 ES22 Display Contract Contract
CT002 ES21 Change Contract Contract
CT003 CAA3 Display Contract Account Contract
CT004 ECENV_BP Data Environment Contract
CT005 ES32 Display Installation Contract
CT006 EASIBI Billing Contract
CT007 EASICH Individual Billing Check Contract
CT008 EA05 Display Billing Document Outsorts Contract
CT009 EA22 Display Billing Documents Contract
CT011 EA20 Reversal of Billing Documents Contract
CT015 EK95 Manual History Contract
CT016 EASIM Simulation Workbench Contract
CT017 EK92 Create BBP Contract
CT018 EK94 Display BBP Contract
CT019 EK93 Change BBP Contract
CT020 EA16 Create Manual Billing Doc Contract
CT021 EK92 Create Payment Plan Contract
CT022 EK93 Change Payment Plan Contract
CT023 EK94 Display Payment Plan Contract
CT024 E61D Delete Payment Plan Contract
CT025 EK95 Create Paymt Plan Manual Hist Contract
CT026 EK96 Modify differential amount Contract
CT027 EA63PS Display payment scheme Contract
CT028 EA61PS Create Payment Scheme Contract
CT029 EA62PS Change Payment Scheme Contract
CT030 E61PSD Delete Payment Scheme Contract
DATX0002 EDATEXMON01 Display Data Exchange Task Datex Task Error
DATX0003 EDATEXMON01 Change Data Exchange Task Datex Task Error
DE0001 IE03 Display Device Device
DE0002 EL01 Create Meter Reading Order Device
DE0003 EL37 Reverse Meter Readings Device
DE0004 EL28 Enter Meter Reading Device
DE0005 EL30 Display Meter Reading Order Device
DE0006 IE02 Change Device Device
DE0007 ES32 Display Current Installation Device
DE0008 ES31 Change Current Installation Device
DE0009 EG42 Modify Device Installation Device
DE0010 EG52 Reverse Technical Device Replacement Device
DE0011 EG30 Full Device Replacement Device
DE0012 EG36 Technical Device Removal Device
DE0013 EG35 Billing Related Device Removal Device
DE0014 EG30 Full Device Removal Device
DE0015 EG71 Display Device Rate Device
DE0016 EL27 Display Implausible Reads Device
DE0017 ECENV_DV Data Environment Device
DE0018 EG70 Change Device Rate Device
DE0019 EC87 Display Disconnection Documents Device
DE0020 EC86 Change Disconnection Documents Device
DE0021 ES67 Display Device Location Device
DE0022 EL37 Reverse Bill Order Device
DE0023 EG07 Change Register Group Device
DE0024 EG06 Display Register Group Device
DE0025 IQ03 Display Material Serial Number Device
DE0026 IW66 Change Service Notification Tasks Device
DISC0001 EC87 Display Disconnection Document Disconnection Document
DISC0002 EC86 Change Disconnection Document Disconnection Document
DL0001 ES67 Display Device Location Device Location
DL0002 ES66 Change Device Location Device Location
DL0003 ES57 Display Connection Object Device Location
DL0004 ECENV_DV Data Environment Device Location
DL0005 EG71 Display Rate Data Device Location
DL0006 ES62 Display Premises Device Location
DUNN0001 FPM3 Display Dunning History Dunning Lock
DUNN0002 FPL9 Display Account Balance Dunning Lock
DUNN0003 CORRHIST Display Correspondence History Dunning Lock
DUNN0004 FPM3 Display Dunning Runs Dunning Lock
DUNN0005 FPVC Cancel Dunning Notice Dunning Lock
IDCI0001 WE02 Display IDoc IDoc Error
IDCI0002 WE02 Edit IDoc IDoc Error
IDCI0005 BD87 Reprocess IDoc (background) IDoc Error
IDCO0001 WE02 Display IDoc IDoc Error
IDCO0002 WE02 Edit IDoc IDoc Error
ILOC0001 ES32 Display Installation Installation Lock
ILOC0002 ES31 Change Installation Installation Lock
ILOC0003 CAA2 Remove Block Installation Lock
IMPR0001 EL31 View Existing Reads Implausible Meter Read
IMPR0002 EL27 View Implausible Read Implausible Meter Read
IMPR0003 EL27 Correct Implausible Read Implausible Meter Read
IN0001 ES32 Display Installation Installation
IN0002 EC87 Display Disconnection Documents Installation
IN0003 EC86 Change Disconnection Documents Installation
IN0004 ES62 Display Premises Installation
IN0005 EL31 Monitoring of Meter Reading Data Installation
IN0006 EL31 Display Meter Reading Results Installation
IN0007 IQ09 Display Devices Installation
IN0008 Device History Installation
IN0009 ECENV_BP Data Environment Installation
IN0011 EG31 Full Device Installation Installation
IN0012 EG30 Full Device Replacement Installation
IN0013 ES32 Display Billing Periods Installation
IN0014 EG31 Change Installation Installation
IN0015 EG71 Display Rate Data Installation
IN0016 EASIBI Perform Billing Installation
IN0017 EL37 Reverse Bill Order Installation
IN0018 ES31 Display Installation Facts Installation
IN0019 EL29 Correct Plausible Meter Reads Installation
INVO0001 EA05 Display Invoice Outsort Invoice Outsort
INVO0002 EA13 Change Invoice Document Invoice Outsort
INVO0003 EA05 Release Invoice Document Invoice Outsort
INVO0004 EA13 Reverse Invoice Document Invoice Outsort
INVO0005 FPL9 Invoice Overview Invoice Outsort
INVO0007 SLG1 Display Log Invoice Outsort
INVO0008 EA22 Display Billing Document Invoice Outsort
INVO0009 FPL9 Display Account Balance Invoice Outsort
INVO0010 EA21 Adjustment Reversal Invoice Outsort
INVO0011 EABICO Billing Correction Invoice Outsort
INVT0001 EA22 Display Billing Document Invoice Trigger
INVT0002 FPL9 Display Account Balance Invoice Trigger
INVT0003 CAA3 Display Contract Account Invoice Trigger
INVT0004 BP Display Business Partner Invoice Trigger
INVT0005 EA20 Reverse Billing Document Invoice Trigger
INVT0006 EASIBI Perform Invoicing Invoice Trigger
INVT0007 EASISI Simulate Invoicing Invoice Trigger
INVT0008 EASICH Overall Billing Check Invoice Trigger
INVT0010 CAA2 Change Contract Account Invoice Trigger
INVT0011 E25T Display Invoice Trigger Invoice Trigger
INVT0012 EA21 Adjustment Reversal Invoice Trigger
INVT0013 EA24 Delete Adjustment Reversal Doc. Number Invoice Trigger
IPLN0001 FPR3 Display Installment Plan Installment Plan
IPLN0002 FPRH View History Installment Plan
IPLN0003 FPR2 Deactivate Installment Plan Installment Plan
LEAD0001 Display Lead CRM Lead
LEAD0002 Change Lead CRM Lead
MOVI0001 EC70 Display Parked Documents (Move-In) Parked Document
MOVI0002 EC70 Change Parked Documents (Move-In) Parked Document
MOVO0001 EC70 Display Parked Documents (Move-Out) Parked Document
MOVO0002 EC70 Change Parked Documents (Move-Out) Parked Document
MTRO0001 EL37 Reverse Meter Reading Order Meter Reading Order
MTRO0002 EL28 Enter Meter Reading Meter Reading Order
MTRO0004 ES32 Display Installation Meter Reading Order
MTRO0005 IQ03 Display Device Meter Reading Order
MTRO0006 EL01 Create Meter Reading Order Meter Reading Order
NODV0001 EG31 Full Device Installation No Device
NODV0002 EG34 Billing-related Installation No Device
PO0001 EEDM11 Display Point of Delivery Point of Delivery
PO0002 EEDM10 Change Point of Delivery Point of Delivery
PO0003 ESWTMON01 Display Related Switch Documents Point of Delivery
PO0004 EEDMIDESERVPROV03 Display Service Providers Point of Delivery
PO0005 EDATEXMON01 Data Exchange Monitoring Point of Delivery
PR0001 ES62 Display Premises Premises
PR0002 ES61 Change Premises Premises
PR0003 ECENV Data Environment Premises
PRDC0001 EA40 Display Invoice Print Document
PRDC0002 EABICO Correct Invoice Print Document
PRDC0003 FPL9 Display Account Balance Print Document
PRDC0004 EA40 Preview Invoice Print Document
PRDC0005 EA13 Reverse Invoice Print Document
REPL0001 ECRMREPL Display Replication Error CRM Replication Error
REPL0002 ECRMREPL Display Replication Queue CRM Replication Error
SNTF0001 IW53 Display Service Notification Service Notification
SNTF0002 IW52 Change Service Notification Service Notification
SORD0001 IW33 Display Service Order Service Order
SORD0002 IW32 Change Service Order Service Order
SRVR0001 Display Serv. Req. CRM Service Request
SRVR0002 Change Serv. Req. CRM Service Request
SWDC0001 ESWTMON01 Display Switch Document Switch Document
SWDC0002 ESWTMON01 Switch Document Overview Switch Document
SWDC0003 EEDM11 Display Related Point of Delivery Switch Document
SWDC0004 BP Display Related Business Partner Switch Document
SWDC0005 EDATEXMON01 Data Exchange Monitoring Switch Document
SWDC0006 EEDMIDESERVPROV03 Display Related Service Providers Switch Document
TSK10001 Display Task CRM Task
TSK10002 Change Task CRM Task
WFLW0001 SWI1 Display Workflow Workflow
WFLW0003 SWIA Restart Workflow Workflow
WITM0001 SBWP Execute Work Item Work Item
WITM0002 SBWP Display Work Item Work Item
WITM0003 SBWP Forward Work Item Work Item
WITM0004 SBWP Replace Work Item Work Item
WITM0005 SBWP Display Parent Workflow Work Item
WITM0006 SBWP Reserve Work Item Work Item


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