There are a number of options available for BDEx, such as whether to default to a grid or tree based structure, whether to display inactive contracts, etc. Some options are set at a system-wide level, while others can be set at a profile or user level. The configuration of parameters table contains the master configuration for the options in the system, plus system-wide defaults for more specific options. This means:

  • System-level options must be set in this table.
  • Profile-level options should be set in the relevant profile (see Profile Management earlier for details). Any entries in this table serve as defaults if the profile isn’t configured.
  • User should be set by the user from within BDEx. Profile defaults can be set (and optionally locked) in Profile Management. Entries in this table serve as defaults if neither the profile nor the user has specified a value.

The list of options available is provided by Basis Technologies and should not be modified, beyond setting the VALUE field in table /BTI/MDE_C_OPT.


Opt ID Description Value Product Function Level
1 Retrieve switch documents Blank CCH Switch documents can be turned on or off using this option User
2 Sidebar width 20 CCH This sets the sidebar width for the master data hierarchy User
3 BDEx documentation link CCH Opens the link to launch documentation page Profile
4 Number of parallel processes (0 = single) 0 CCH This option changes BDEx to parallel processing mode and should not be changed without consulting your Basis Technologies team User
6 Display custom tab 1 X CCH Activates the Invoice History tab Profile
7 Display custom tab 2 Blank CCH Activates the Conversation History tab Profile
8 Display custom tab 3 Blank CCH Activates Custom tab 3 Profile
9 Display custom tab 4 Blank CCH Activates Custom tab 4 Profile
10 Max results when searching 50 DWC Sets the max results when using the DWC custom search tab Profile
11 Get work button size limit 5 DWC Sets the number of work items allocated when clicking the Get Work button in the DWC Profile
12 Number of days for viewing completed items 7 DWC Sets the number of completed work items displayed in the Completed Work Item tab in the DWC System
14 Display action technical names Blank CCH Displays the tcode next to the description for the right click actions User
15 Enable pause button X Both Activates the pause button in both the CCH and/or DWC Profile
16 Warning Count 2 CCH Defines the number of contract accounts/contracts to trigger the large customer selection option when launching BDEx System
17 BDEx MD Object Selection Threshold 1 CCH Defines the number of master data objects required to activates the filter toolbar System
18 ALV Grid Save Variant setting A CCH Defines the variant setting – do not amend without speaking to your Basis Technologies consultant System
19 BWC Team Log X DWC Activates the Team Log in the Managers view version of the DWC System
20 BWC Team Log: just BPEMs X DWC The team log will only select BPEM data if this option is marked as ‘X’. If left blank all work request types will be evaluated in the team log System
21 BDEx Start Timestamp X Log Activates the action log to retrieve a session timestamp User
22 BWC bypass WRH & ASN Blank DWC Changes the logic to bypass the work request history and assignment of BPEMs in the DWC – do not amend without speaking to your Basis Technologies consultant System
23 BWC Auto Refresh Blank DWC Activates the DWC to auto refresh the work allocation amounts if the user has less than the defined max work amount specified in Opt ID 11 System
24 Single Premises X CCH Forces the CCH to focus on a single Premises Key if specified rather than attempt to find other Premises belonging to the same Connection Object System
25 BWC Manager View Grid X DWC Switches the Manager View to use the ALV Grid version rather than the ALV Tree version System

Product Descriptions
CCH = Customer Centric Hub Module
DWC = Dynamic Work Centre Module


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