The quick menu provides fast access to several features of our app. It can be opened by tapping on the “3 dots” button in the bottom right corner of the map screen. Quick menu gives access to the following features:

Real View Navigation

Toggles navigation into the augmented reality mode. Instead of the classic view where you see the route on a map, Real View draws the line of the route directly over a live image of the road ahead of you which is captured by the camera of your phone or tablet. You just have to place your device so its rear camera has a clear view forward through your windshield.

Real View Navigation is a paid Add-on.


Opens the Dashcam screen, where you can see a preview of the recording. On the preview screen there are buttons to begin recording, turn sound recording on/off, to adjust the settings, and return to the map screen. It continually records the road in front of your car in a video loop which you can permanently save by copying it from the folder /DCIM/SygicDashcam/. Information about current GPS coordinates, speed, date and time is recorded into a separate file with extension .srt (subtitle file).

Dashcam is a paid Add-on.

Head-up Display

Lets you project the most important navigation instructions and information ( e.g. direction and distance of the next turn, speed limit, speed cameras, estimated time of arrival) directly in your field of view, on the windshield of your car. For safer night-time driving. Without a premium license, HUD will show only current speed and estimated time of arrival.

After choosing Head up display from the Quick Menu you can tap anywhere on the screen (pic.1 below), which will show you the options (pic. 2) to: leave HUD mode, flip the image so it reflects correctly from the windshield, increase screen brightness for better visibility.

Head up display is a paid Add-on.


Allows to toggle between these sound options: all sounds off, alerts only and all sounds on (including voice instructions).

Add a waypoint

To search for a place/address you wish your route to go through.

Remove next waypoint

To remove an upcoming waypoint.

Cancel route

Cancels the current route, returns you from navigation mode to map mode.

Walking/driving mode toggle

Allows you to toggle between walking/driving navigation mode depending on what you need at the moment.

Route info

Shows detailed information about the current route. For more details, refer to the Starting the route section of this guide.

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