You can adjust ATevo settings during operation using the front panel controls. When you first press EDIT/ENTER on the front panel, ATevo prompts you to set the first of six (6) basic charger parameters (Float Voltage).

To set parameters, do the following:

  • Press UP or DOWN (or hold down to scroll) until desired value displays. Each parameter has a minimum and maximum limit as listed in Section 4.1.2, Factory Settings Tables.
  • Press EDIT/ENTER to save setting. ATevo prompts you to set the next parameter.
  • Continue in the same manner to set all six (6) parameters in the list. If you want to skip setting any parameter, press EDIT/ENTER (or RIGHT arrow) to bypass it.
  • When finished setting the sixth parameter (Current Limit), press EDIT/ENTER to save setting and return to normal operation.
  • Any changes made take effect immediately; ATevo uses its last saved values if it is powered down and returned to service.

Last modified: 22 September 2023