The HOME screen is the primary ATevo display, and is active most of the time ATevo is energized. Other screens are displayed during configuration changes, during testing, when the user requests more detailed status than what is provided on the HOME screen, or when the user wishes to utilize one of the advanced ATevo features.

  • The Factory Default HOME Screen displays the output voltage (Vdc) and output current (Adc) in a large font for easy reading.
  • ‘Float’ or ‘Equalize’ will appear on the left side of the top of the display to indicate that the charger is actively in either FLOAT or EQUALIZE CHARGE MODE.
  • ‘Eqlz Mthd: Man’ or ‘Eqlz Mthd: Auto’ will appear on the right side of the top of the display to indicate that the EQUALIZE METHOD is presently configured for MANUAL TIMER or AUTOMATIC TIMER mode.
  • If a Temperature Compensation (TempCo) Probe option is installed and enabled, the present battery temperature and normalized voltage set point will also appear on the display (see Section 10 for more details on the TempCo option and display).
Last modified: 19 July 2023