The export queue

The queue displays all export jobs waiting to be processed, as the progress of any ongoing exports. It also shows completed jobs, until you remove them.

The buttons in the export queue header bar are used to manage the items in the queue.

  • Remove finished jobs: Deletes all jobs currently in the queue which have been completed.
  • Start/Resume: When the queue is inactive, you will see this start button. Click it to begin processing all jobs in the queue marked Ready. Jobs are processed from the top of the list downward.
  • Pause: When the queue is active, you will see a pause button instead of the start button. Click it to start processing all jobs in the queue.

The queue

Details of each export job are shown in the queue.

  • Name: The name of the job is the project where it originates.
  • Type: The icon shown here indicates what type of export the job involves.
    • Single export: Indicates a canvas export, a single image containing the image which was visible on the canvas when the job was created. Single exports are added to the queue from the Edit tab, and process immediately.
    • Batch export: Indicates an export job containing one or more images, added to the queue from the Batch tab.
  • Progress: Shows the current status of the job or item.
    • Ready: Indicates an export job which has been queued, and everything is ready for export to begin.
    • Waiting: Indicates an image waiting for its turn to be exported.
    • 1/1: Shown on jobs which are currently being exported.The digits will vary, but indicate the progress of the export. The first number is how many images in the job are completed, and the second number is the total number of images in the job.
    • * Rendering:* Indicates an image which is currently being processed. A blue progress bar behind the text dynamically updates to show the progress of the export.
    • Finished: An image which is completely exported.
  • Output location: The directory where the job will be saved, and the specific file name which will be used for each image.
  • Format: A summary of the format details which will be used for each job or image.
  • Elapsed: Once an export job is started, the exact time spent in processing the job or image is displayed here.

The contextual menu

You can right-click any item in the queue to access a contextual menu with additional options and controls.

  • Pause job(s): Pauses the selected job or jobs.
  • Pause all jobs: Pauses all jobs in the queue, regardless of what is selected.
  • Resume job(s): Begins exporting on the selected job or jobs.
  • Resume all jobs: Begins exporting all jobs in the queue.
  • Retry job(s): Use this option to retry exporting any jobs which have failed due to an error.
  • Relink asset(s): This option is used if assets required for an export have been moved between the time the job was added to the queue and the time when export is attempted. If Imerge cannot find images the necessary to process the job, use this option to relink them.
  • Show in Windows Explorer: Opens the Windows directory where the exported file is located.
    • Reveal in Finder: If you are on a Mac, this option displays instead, and opens a Finder window to the directory where the exported file is located.
  • Remove job(s): Deletes the selected job or jobs from the queue.
  • Remove job(s) with exported images: Deletes all completed or partially completed jobs from the queue.
  • Remove finished job(s): Deletes all completed jobs from the queue.
Last modified: 19 February 2021

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