Many aspects of Imerge Pro include options in addition to the defaults. You can choose different options or select your personal preferences in the Options window. You can open the options by opening the Project menu and selecting Application Settings. If you are running a Mac, open the Imerge Pro menu and select Preferences.


The general options allow you to configure some of the common features and functions of the software.

Home screen logo

By default the Imerge Pro logo is displayed in the top left corner of the interface. If you wish to hide the logo, or replace it with your company logo while working on location at an event, you can swap out the logo here.

  • Change: Click here to replace the logo with your own logo. Use a logo image sized to 640 × 64 or less. If you plan to use a HiDPI or Retina display with the software, place a second image exactly double the size of the primary image, in the same folder as the primary image.
  • Reset: Removes any custom logo you have applied, and restores the default Imerge Pro logo.


Imerge uses a cache to store thumbnails of all images loaded into the project, so you can quickly preview their contents and select the images you need. The more cache space is available, the more thumbnails can be stored to maintain optimal performance.

  • Cache size limit: Adjust the slider from 10 MB to 500 MB to set the amount of space that can be used to store cache files. The default value of 100 should be sufficient for most projects.
  • Thumbnail cache: Sets the location at which the cache images will be stored. Click the folder icon to open a file browser and select a new location for the cache to be stored.

Export metadata

You can enter copyright information here to automatically add it to the metadata of all images you export. Metadata is never visibly displayed on the images, but is stored in the image file for proof of copyright.

  • Creator: Enter the name of the image creator or copyright holder here.
  • Copyright: Enter the copyright date into this field.


The edit options are used to configure features specific to the process of editing your images.

Guide color

Imerge offers several overlays that can be useful for alignment and layout of your project. Select the color used by the overlay lines here.

  • Line color: Click the color swatch to open a color picker and choose a new color for the guides.

Exposure warnings

Imerge can use overlays to identify areas in your image that are out of gamut and may be clipped when exported. The colors of the overlays can be chosen here.

  • Highlight overlay color: Click the swatch to open a color picker and choose the color that will be used to identify areas that are too bright to fit into the destination color space.
  • Shadow overlay color: Click this swatch to open a color picker and choose the color that will be used to identify areas that are too dark to fit into the destination color space.

Default canvas size

You can set the default size used when a new canvas is created. Regardless of the default, any canvas can be modified at any time after it is created.

  • Use previous size: When this toggle is activated, Imerge will use the dimensions of whatever project was most recently opened in the software.
  • Dimensions: if you prefer to use a specific size as the default, enter the dimensions here.


Activation and deactivation of the software is handled here. When the software is not activated, the screen above will be shown.

  • Buy now: Click this button if you have not yet purchased a license but wish to activate the software. You will be taken to the FXhome online store, where you can purchase a license for immediately activating the software.
  • Activate program: If you already own a license, click this button to enter your serial code and activate the software.

Once activated, the contents of the Activation screen will change to show your unique activation details.

Your license

The details of this specific activation of the software are displayed here, including Activation ID, License ID, and Hardware ID.

Updates and support

Every license of Imerge Pro is permanent, and will never expire. It also includes 12 months of updates to the software. The details of your license period are displayed here, including the date at which free updates will cease. After that date, you can continue forever using the most recent version released prior to that date, or purchase an upgrade of another 12 months of updates at any time.


All keyboard shortcuts can be viewed and edited here. Getting familiar with the keyboard shortcuts for frequently used commands can greatly speed up your workflow. For complete details, see the page on Keyboard shortcuts.

Last modified: 2 October 2018

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