Freezing can result and unfortunately it can be because of a number of reasons and our support team will be happy to assist with troubleshooting.

Our support will run through the following process

1) They will firstly check to see if they can replicate the issue you are reporting
- IF support can replicate this issue they will request the channel to be restarted from the source, it could be for a number of reasons including signal issues at the source.
2) If we are not able to replicate the issue, we will check your set top box software is up to date.
3) If our customer support are unable to replicate and your software is up to date – we will request that you run some tests to identify if its an issue with International Bandwidth from the server side or your location and route to the server. Our team may request remote access to your PC/Laptop to run the tests locally on your machine.
- After running the tests support will be able to advise of the findings and advise.
4 If we are unable to find any issues we will need to run through some other checks

You will need to make sure that no computer or devices are switched on as this can take bandwidth away from the STB and cause breakup of the picture and pixelation. After making sure nothing else is switched on you will need to reboot the Router wait two minutes and then reboot the STB.

Please then monitor the TV quality and update us.

If you continue to get pixelation, you will need to connect the Router direct to the main telephone point in the property without any telephones, splitters or filters connected. Once the Router is connected direct to this point you will again need to reboot the Router and then the STB.

If you have a Wireless Range Extender or Ethernet Power Line Addaptor that was provided by us so that you can connect the STB to it (if the Router is in a different room to the TV) you will need to disconnect the STB from the Extender and connect it directly to the Router, this will eliminate the problem being caused by wireless interference between the Router and Extender. Also, follow the previous steps as well to assure the best possible connection with the ADSL.

**IF ALL the above fails then at this stage an incident report will be created for a member of our team to call you back to discuss this matter and investigate in more detail. **