Initially all the TV content comes from a satellite. Satellites have a different coverage limits, and thats why not all the channels are available in certain countries.

But here comes a solution. We pick up a healthy pack of channels using our satellite farms in different countries, digitize the channels with special equipment and send it to you over the internet. This is called IPTV.

All you need to do to watch digitized channels, is to connect our set-top decoder box, or STB, to an internet connection and your TV. It will act as a digital receiver and actually do much more than common TV does.

The Set-Top decoder Box is a small device specially programmed and designed to provide easy access to our digitized TV channels directly onto your TV. We use the well known and recommended MAG-250 set top boxes. They come with a handy comprehensive remote control, to operate it just as you do with your existing TV.

Every set-top decoder box runs our own specialised software, that brings your TV into the digital era with a multitude of advanced functions.

Our proprietary media software that runs on our set-top decoder box provides a user friendly interface with a whole range of advanced, useful functions.You can browse through the channel list with your remote control and watch any channel, examine brief and full program guides, schedule recording on certain channels, play previously recorded content, use time shift and view seven days of catch-up content on selected channels, watch movies on demand from a USB or disk drive, or watch movies on demand from our list of two hundred and one movies, most of them recent releases, along with your classic old favourites, or you can even browse the internet right there on your television screen.