This advice is when the box has been restarted by the power but nothing changes on screen still a black screen or message with No Signal.

*Customer Advice – *You need to check the connection from the STB to your television whether it is a HDMI lead or a RCA lead, make sure it is correctly connected to both the STB and the TV and that it is not loose, if it feels loose just disconnect the cable . Disconnect and reconnect both ends of the cable from the STB and TV. You will also need to make sure that your TV is set to the correct output station. Most TV’s will have a source or input or mode button that when pressed will let you select between the available output modes such as, HDMI, RCA … If you are connected to RCA or HDMI 1 for example in the back of the TV you need to make sure the TV is on the corresponding channel. If you can’t see any visible damage to the cable we still recommend that you try a different cable and if you are using a RCA connection we recommend that you try a HDMI lead if your TV supports this connection, if you are using a HDMI we recommend you try a RCA cable.