Funktion Dateiname Icon
Day view day_view_gi
day view
Go to today go_to_today_gi
go to today
Go to date go_to_date_gi
go to date
Workweek view workweek_view_gi
Week view week_view_gi
Month view month_view_gi
month view
Schedule Configuration configuration_schedule_gi
schedule configuration
New appointment new_appointment_gi
New recurring appointment new-recurring-appointment-gi
New event new-all-day-event-gi
New recurring event new-recurring-event-gi
Select recource schedule_recource_gi
Open date navigation in schedule schedule_date_navigation_gi
Show schedule sync schedule_sync_gi
New schedule sync schedule_sync_new_gi
Filter schedule schedule_filter_gi
Layout selection schedule_layout_selection_gi
Schedule Layout Selection
Layout save schedule_layout_save_gi
Schedule Layout Save
Layout delete schedule_layout_delete_gi
schedule layout delete
Time scale time-scale-gi
Timeline timeline_gi
next day schedule_next_gi
previous day schedule_previous_gi
refresh schedule schedule_refresh_gi
configuration dialog configuration_dialog_gi
configuration dialog


Funktion Dateiname Icon
Next resources_next_gi
resources next
Previous resources_previous_gi
Increase visible lines resources_plus_gi
resources plus
Reduce visible lines resources_minus_gi
resources minus
Previous page resources_previous_page_gi
resources previous page
Next page resources_next_page_gi
First resources_first_gi
Last resources_last_gi