Toggle Buttons

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Toggle Button toggle_button_gi

Layout Controls

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DropDownAction drop_down_action_gi
drop down action
Navigation group navigationgroup_gi

Gear Menu Actions

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Selection management selection_management_gi
selection management
Application configuration tools
configuration settings
Open Designer designer_gi
Translation translation_gi
New translation translation_new_gi
New translation
Restart application rocket
restart application
Show user user
User management user_management_gi
user management
User Settings gearwheel
Sign out power
Templates templates_gi
Show info about page information

Common Controls

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Cancel tab tab_cancel_gi
cancel tab
Close tab tab_cancel_gi
cancel tab
Create new record in dialog form_in_dialog_gi
update view refresh_gi
Set activ switch_on
switch on
Set inactiv switch_off
Manage E-Mail sources mail_sync_confi_gi
E-Mail Sync Server mail_sync_server_gi
E-Mail Sync User mail_sync_user_gi
Create configuration configuration_new_gi
new configuration
Open configuration configuration_open_gi
open configuration
Create record record_new_gi
new record
Restart application restart_gi
Show report document_chart
Edit report report_edit_gi
Edit report
Report from form report_from_form_gi
report from form
Locked document document-lock-gi
document locked
Display in Designer monitor_brush
monitor brush
Display view grid_view_gi
grid view
Server Url server_earth
server URL
Show tree show_tree_gi

View Controls

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Export export_gi
Import import_gi
Open record record_open_gi
New record from selected new_record_from_selected_gi
Delete record delete_record_gi
delete record
Multiple related parent records multiple_related_parent_records_gi
New record or related record record_new_gi
new record
Edit row row_edit_gi
Grid show/hide search panel magnifying_glass
magnifying glass
Grid show/hide footer layout_footer_gi
Show/hide view search funnel
Show/hide view grouping cubes
Report from grid report_from_grid_gi
Report from grid
Grid Layout selection grid_layout_selection_gi
Grid Layout Selection
Grid Layout save grid_layout_save_gi
Grid layout save
Grid Layout delete grid_layout_delete_gi
Grid layout delete

Form Controls

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Delete record delete_record_gi
delete record
Print form printer
Save record floppy_disk
floppy disk
Save and close record floppy_disk
floppy disk
Create related record new_relation_record_gi
new relation record
Open attachment attachments_open_gi
attachments open
Show Address on a map map_location2
Send e-mail mail_forward
mail forward
Show history for record history_record
Icon: Histroy for record
Create attachment from template mail_write
mail write

Offline Client Controls

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Display offline configuration offline_client_configuration_gi
show offline configuration
Synchronize server_client_exchange
Offline-Client sync

E-Mail Controls

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Send als PDF mail_pdf_gi
mail pdf
Forward mail_forward
mail forward
Reply mail_reply
mail reply
Reply all mail_reply_all
mail reply all
Mail out mail_out_gi
mail out
Mail into mail_into_gi
mail into
Error mail_error_gi
mail error
E-Mail Draft mail_draft_gi
mail draft
E-Mail in progress mail_inprogress_gi
mail in progress
Draft pencil
Error error
In progress error
In progress

Business Mail Controls

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Save attachment paperclip
Document E-Mail folder3_mail
folder mail

Tree actions

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Collapse all collapse_all_gi
collapse all
Expand all expand_all_gi
expand all
Jump to next found item arrow_right
arrow right
Jump to previous item arrow_left
arrow left