BDEx records the activities an agent takes including launching the Customer Centric Hub from the Dynamic Work Center to removing a bill block and completing a BPEM case. This data is stored within the BDEx Activity Log table /BTI/MDE_ACTLOG.
The Productivity Report uses this data and determines the agent productivity for a particular time period. The data is retrieved from the log and the session time for the agent and a BPEM case category is calculated to record the time spent working on that particular case. The log records the outcome of the activity at the time the case was finished therefore the report can establish if the case was completed, put on hold, referred etc. A configurable table holds the estimated handling times for the BPEM case categories.

Each time the Customer Centric Hub (CCH) is loaded a session log is started, a finish time will be added when the user clicks the back button to exit the CCH. When the CCH is launched using a BPEM case to search for the customer data this case is recorded as the primary work item. If the user completes other BPEMs (BPEM status ‘3’ and the user is recorded as the current processor) during the session time these will be recorded as secondary items in the report. Any actions launched during the session time are also recorded within the activity log, including whereby new work requests have been created as a consequence of other activities i.e. releasing a billing outsort will create an invoice trigger work request. However, any automatically triggered actions will have the same start and finish times logged against it. If the CCH session has been launched from the DWC activity ‘CALLBDEXWC’ is logged as the first entry and in the report field DWC will be marked with an ‘X’. Launching the CCH from the identify screen or any other method such as API (RFC call – from CRM) the DWC field will be left blank. This will ensure cases loaded from outside of the DWC can be identified.

For each CCH session launched the times are summarised to establish the total time. Whereby, activities have been recorded with the action ID ‘OFFLINE’ these line items will be aggregated for the item when associated to the case and the same agent. These activities are added to the result for the total pause time. The pause time is then minus from the session time to determine the total productive time.
To calculate the productivity , the expected time is divided by the productive time i.e. expected time = 50 minutes, productive time = 60 minutes. The productivity % is 50/60 * 100 = 120.

The top master data object is recorded for each session and actions within the Activity Log. This means the report can track the customer account for the activities. There is an assumption that the users will not use multiple sessions for the same customer. If they correctly use the pause button functionality to pause a current account and open a new session for a different customer. The second customer will not be logged as this is being covered by the pause activity. However, if the user launches the session for the same customer then the pause will be stopped to ensure the activity continues.


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