For the information of the Synod Assembly

The following are rules for the Synod Assembly that were established in the constitution and bylaws of this synod. They do not need to be adopted. The assembly cannot amend or rescind them, except as provided in the constitution and bylaws. Except for #13, they cannot be suspended.

  1. One-half of members of the Synod Assembly shall constitute a quorum. S7.14

  2. Proxy and absentee voting shall not be permitted in the transaction of any business of this synod. S7.31

  3. Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition, shall govern parliamentary procedure of the Synod Assembly. S7.32

  4. The bishop of the synod shall appoint the following assembly committees:
    1. Committee on the Bishop’s Report
    2. Committee on Elections
    3. Committee on Minutes
    4. Committee on Reference and Counsel
    5. Committee on Registration and Attendance
    6. Committee on Resolutions
    7. Committee on Worship B7.03

  5. Every congregation shall have the right to petition the assembly of this synod on subjects affecting its own welfare and legitimate interests. B7.05

  6. There shall be a division between the voting members and the others on the assembly floor, which shall be indicated by a marker(s). Voting members and those persons accorded privilege of seat and voice shall seat themselves in the section in front of the marker(s). All others shall be seated behind the marker(s). B7.06

  7. When a voting member is unable to serve, the alternate voting member shall be seated when the Committee on Registration and Attendance has been provided with the necessary information and the alternate has been given a voting member’s card. B7.07

  8. Each voting member, or those persons accorded the privilege of seat and voice, when recognized by the chair, shall state his or her name, congregation or the institution or group he or she represents. Persons speaking from the floor shall use the floor microphones (if they are provided) and shall address and speak to the chair. Speeches by a voting member, or a person with the privilege of voice, shall be limited to five (5) minutes on each assembly issue. Speakers may speak a second time on the same issue, but only after all others desiring to speak have been given opportunity to do so. Those speaking a second time shall be limited to three (3) minutes of rebuttal. B7.09

  9. Voting members shall not absent themselves from any meeting of the assembly without valid excuse. B7.18

  10. Voting members of the Synod Assembly who desire to make nominations from the floor shall have prepared beforehand and be ready to distribute copies of vita information sheets, similar to those provided by the Nominating Committee, for those nominees. B9.09

  11. Duly elected voting members of the Synod Council who are not otherwise voting members of the Synod Assembly shall be granted the privilege of both voice and vote as members of the assembly. S7.27

  12. All retired ordained ministers on the roster of the synod in attendance at the Synod Assembly shall be voting members provided that the voting membership of the Assembly is still 60% laypersons. B7.08

  13. An ordained minister on leave from call on the roster of this synod shall be granted voting membership in the Synod Assembly upon consent of the Synod Council; such consent shall be applicable to the Synod Assembly in question; such consent may be renewed. (Continuing Resolution, CR 1.02, Adopted 4.29.00 by Synod Council)

  14. All motions, resolutions, amendments and nominations shall be submitted in writing and on proper forms available from the secretary of synod or the assembly pages. B7.10

  15. The Committee on Reference and Counsel shall grant or deny permission for the distribution of printed material that is not issued by the office of the secretary of this synod. B.7.16

  16. Except for items introduced by the Committee on Reference and Counsel or items previously tabled, items of business which are not on the agenda may be introduced at the final session of the assembly only by a two-thirds vote. B7.11

  17. A resolution of a general character which is not germane to the pending question or report shall be given by the proposer to the Committee on Reference and Counsel, which shall report thereon to the assembly with its recommendations. The cut off time for receiving new resolutions at the Synod Assembly will be 2:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon in order to allow time for their distribution on Saturday morning and for debate and discussion. Other duties of the committee shall be: (a) to recommend special orders for the hearing of representatives, (b) to grant or deny permission to distribute printed matter not issuing from the office of the secretary, and © to give such assistance to the bishop as may be desired in the course of the assembly. B7.16

  18. All reports published in the bulletin of reports shall be received by the assembly by virtue of that fact without vote. B7.17

  19. In all elections by the Synod Assembly, other than for the bishop, additional nominations may be made from the floor. B9.08

For the consideration of the Synod Assembly

The following are the proposed rules of the assembly. The assembly may amend them prior to adoption. The assembly is free to adopt or not adopt any or all of them. The assembly may suspend, rescind or amend them once adopted.

  1. The following classes of Ministers of Word and Sacrament (or the ecumenical equivalent) shall be seated with voice and vote if serving under call or as a duly appointed interim pastor:

    1. those rostered in other synods of the ELCA;
    2. those rostered in a judicatory of a full-communion partner;
    3. those rostered in a judicatory of a church confessing the Unaltered Augsburg Confession; and
    4. those rostered in a judicatory of another Christian denomination.

  2. Committee, commission, and task force members who are not otherwise voting members of the assembly shall be seated with voice but without vote.

  3. Amendments to the current budget for 2018 or the proposed budget for 2019 which create a budget deficit shall require a two-thirds vote for adoption.

  4. The Committee on Resolutions shall review all published and oral reports submitted to this assembly, except in cases where such a report has been assigned to another committee, and may offer such resolutions as seem appropriate in response unless ordered otherwise by the assembly.

  5. Apart from debate and time allocated in the agenda, those speaking to the assembly shall have such time as is allocated by the chair unless ordered otherwise by the assembly.


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