Cannot find my station on the map

We only have coverage by Plugs, which is currently ca. 50% of the EU market (differs from country to country). But we grow fast. We currently only support Europe.

Cannot start charging

Some stations are restricted in authorization by the use of an RFID card. We should have that indicated in the POI detail, but maybe the attribute is wrong. Please report to us.
Occasionally, it can be a temporary outage of the connector.
Sometimes we get the status of the connector Unknown from Stations operator, so we open it for charging, but here we are blind.

Cannot stop charging

Yes, it can happen. Some stations are not stoppable by this app. You should disconnect manually.
In case the connector is locked, please find the phone number on the station booth and call its support.

The app showed the price, charged kWh and SOC differently

We only estimate it considering the full power of the charge station. Our service provider currently does not support online status, but this can change in future.

Cannot find my vehicle in the vehicle list

This does not prevent you to use in search and charging permissions.
However, the information you might get can be skewed. E.g. stations suitable for you will not be properly colored as green or black.
You may select a similar car model and adapt the set of connector types and edit battery capacity in the Vehicle settings
But please report the car model to us.

I have my RFID card/key with another provider, can I use it?

Currently, you cannot take advantage of it in our system.
We recommend you to do charging with your own card on the corresponding stations.
Yet you can use Sygic for search and navigation.
Moreover, you can use Sygic for charging on the stations not covered by your RFID as an emergency charge.

Price is too high

We have negotiated these prices with integrated providers, which are the prices for a user without a contract. But we are negotiating for better prices.

I don’t agree with the price that was invoiced

We are just brokers in this process. We allow the use of Plugsurfing charging services on their stations.
Therefore invoicing comes from their site. And it is their responsibility to make billing and accounting correctly.

I don’t see price details on my charging sessions in my charging history

It’ll come. This detail comes with a delay after the charging session is stopped.
Sometimes it takes seconds, sometimes hours, but for some stations, it can be even a couple of days.

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