Various error messages could appear while you try to make a route.

One possible reason for a route error is a missing map:

  • This error occurs when you are creating a route between various maps, and the app is missing map files for one or more countries/states which need to be passed through along the way (for example, if you create a route from Spain to Germany, but are missing the map of France, or from California to Washington without the maps of Oregon or Idaho). To avoid this error, simply make sure that all maps necessary for the route are downloaded. Maps can be added via Menu → Maps. See Map management for more information.
  • If you are just making a route between two neighboring maps with a common border, and you still encounter the “Download missing map” error, then the issue is caused by the map data being acquired from different providers (the offline maps which Sygic uses are created from data which comes either from TomTom or OSM). Routes between multiple maps will only be created if they were all made with data from the same provider. We are currently looking for a technical solution that should make it possible to route between any maps in the future. Until then, the only way to navigate between affected countries is to divide the route into parts, which end at the border and then begin again immediately after the border.

Other errors appear when the app’s routing algorithm reaches its computational limit. Usually, there are a few reasons why this appears:

  • The route is extremely long. If you would try to calculate a route from, for example, Lisbon to Moscow, the route processing limit would be exceeded before the route would be calculated and you would receive this error message
  • The route is too long due in combination with a specific setting. The route would normally be calculated, but because of a specific routing setting, for example highway avoidance, the route possibilities would be exceeded before the route would finish calculating. Please check your settings in Menu → Settings → Route planning.
  • The starting point or destination is set in a no-drive zone, private property, or farther away from a car accessible road. In this case, the application would try to calculate the route which cannot be completed and will go on with the calculation until the route processing limit is reached. Try adjusting the destination or starting points slightly to their nearest drivable road.
  • There is an error in the map data, like a turn restriction. In cases like this, the algorithm may get stuck, resulting in this error message.

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