Outputting a combined (Family) job

There is now an opportunity to carry out individual reporting as completed on the single lines, or, during all operations to mark, that the following reportings have to be made:

• Set up
• Partial reporting
• Interrupt (pause) all
• End all operations

  1. If you select to report “setup”, the following message appears:

This should be answered with ”Yes”, in order to record the setup time.

  1. 2. If you select partial reporting for all lines, you have to report the number individuallly for each line. If you select partial reporting, the number is reported, and the order lines are restarted with a new sequence number.
  1. 3 If you select to interrupt (pause) all, the productions are stopped temporarely. If it has been selected in the setup, that the productions have to be stopped, when the employee concerned is clocking out, this corresponds to interrupt (pause) all of them.
  1. 4 If you choose “End all operations” the expected number is filled in automatically. For each line this number can be changed, and the number of discared items/scrap, as well as the reason can be reported.

As mentioned the above can be combined individually, according to be picture below and be reported as completed in one step:

Finally you have to press OK in order to carry out the selected functions.

There is also the opportunity to choose a function for one or several lines and let them be executed. If so, the lines concerned will be restarted automatically with a new sequence number.


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