The ABO does not record examinations. Quality assurance and issue monitoring happen through observation.

At any time, candidates and examiners may request support for technical issues. Candidates should notify their examiner (or their examination host when in the break room) whenever assistance is required.

On exam day, teams of senior ABO officials and staff closely take the following measures:

  • Senior officials (experienced examiners and/or Board Directors) periodically visit exam rooms to provide quality control, monitor examiner performance, and ensure that the test is being given in accordance with Board guidelines.
  • Approximately 42 other ABO exam personnel are actively monitoring and supporting the exam as it happens. This support team includes technical managers, examination hosts, tech support, examination administration coordinators, candidate experience specialists, and exam security managers. The ABO uses a digital monitoring system to communicate about issues in real-time and track exam appointments. If a technical issue impacts a candidate’s exam, the ABO staff will work directly with the senior official, examiners, and candidates to immediately resolve the issue.

Candidates should report in writing any additional concerns or interruptions to their test day immediately following their examination.

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