The ABO believes in the premise “trust but verify.” We trust that in the pursuit of board certification, you will conduct yourself with respect for the certification credential, your professional reputation, and your patients. However, we also will ask you to comply with basic security and identity verification measures to ensure fairness for all candidates and to protect the integrity of the exam.

It is a violation of federal law to reproduce, in whole or in part, ABO examination content in any way. Candidates who share or receive ABO examination content also risk the lifetime loss of eligibility for board certification. Of note, there is no advantage to providing content to or receiving content from other candidates because the questions for each examination form will be unique.

We have taken into account the potential challenges of online exam delivery and have adjusted our policies and processes accordingly. Please carefully read the this manual for information about technical specifications and in-exam troubleshooting in the event of a computer or internet glitch.

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