The ABO will do an initial review and will notify the candidate or diplomate within four (4) weeks after receipt of the request whether the request is granted. If the ABO does not find appropriate and sufficient evidence on which to base a decision to grant a requested accommodation, the ABO will advise the candidate or diplomate what is deemed insufficient and what additional information the ABO requires. Candidates or diplomates will be notified of the deadline by which they must submit any supplemental documentation, which is typically no more than eight (8) weeks prior to the desired exam date. If additional documentation is submitted, the candidate or diplomate will be promptly notified of ABO’s decision, including the nature of any accommodations that will be provided and the deadline for appeals of an adverse decision. Any candidate or diplomate whose request for accommodations is denied may submit a letter of appeal. The ABO Admissions Committee or its designees will review the relevant materials and make a final decision.

The ABO reserves the right, at its own expense, to have the candidate’s or diplomate’s documentation reviewed by an expert of its choosing. Such an expert may perform an independent assessment of the candidate’s or diplomate’s needs based upon the documentation submitted. Candidates or diplomates may be asked to give permission for the ABO or its outside professional to consult with the professionals who conducted assessments or provided reports. The ABO reserves the right in unusual situations to request that a candidate or diplomate be examined by a medical provider, at the ABO’s expense.