Revised 1/2022

Diplomates whose certification has lapsed, been revoked, or been otherwise sanctioned must complete a reinstatement process detailed by the ABO in order to obtain a new certificate. Diplomates may re‐obtain ABO certification by completing the three-year Continuing Certification “Fast Track” Re‐Entry Process:

Upon successful completion of these steps, a new certificate valid for a period of 10 years shall be awarded.

The ABO currently issues certificates twice per year:

  • January 1 (if all activities are completed by December 31 of the previous year)
  • July 1 (if all activities are completed between January 1 and June 30)

Credit for Previous Activities
Any Continuing Certification credit earned during the most recent 10‐year cycle will remain valid for three years following the date of certificate expiration. This means that diplomates may apply these activities toward meeting the requirements of the Fast Track recertification process. However, once the initial three‐year window has closed, all activities completed during the previous 13 years will become invalid.

Individuals who have been decertified for a period of four or more years may submit an application to begin Fast Track with a clean slate, and will be granted three years to complete all Continuing Certification requirements in effect at the time of application.