Effective 12/06/2019

In support of our mission to serve the public, the American Board of Ophthalmology publishes accurate, timely, and verifiable information about the qualifications and competencies of board-certified ophthalmologists. It is necessary that all ABO-issued certificates and directories contain information that upholds the public trust.

Changing Your Name
As of December 2019, the name printed on your certificate must match exactly one of the following options: 1) your government-issued ID, or 2) your name on file with the state medical licensing board. While the ABO recognizes that some diplomates prefer to be addressed by alternate names, it is incumbent upon the Board to provide the public with accurate information they can use to compare with other sources, such as state licensing entities. To change the name printed on your certificate, email the request to info@abop.org and submit a copy of a matching government identification or medical license. Please note that the name you choose for your certificate will also be used in our public directory.

Adding a Degree
In addition to MD or DO, the ABO allows diplomates to list academic degrees such as PhD or MBA on their certificates. For verification purposes, these requests must be accompanied by a copy of the corresponding diploma. The ABO will not print membership titles (such as FACS), non-academic certifications, or honorary degrees. Requests for degree changes and supporting documentation should be emailed to info@abop.org.