Candidates or diplomates with disabilities who believe they may need accommodations in the place or manner in which examinations are administered should submit the request to the Board office. The request should identify the nature and extent of the disability and the accommodations that the applicant is requesting. Candidates or diplomates must include in their requests any accommodations that may be needed for both the written examination and the oral examination, because of the limited time between the results of the written examination and the next schedule oral examination. The candidate or diplomate should include appropriate documentation. (See guidelines below). All requests and any supporting documentation or questions should be sent to the attention of the Administrator; ABO, PO Box 1887, Doylestown, PA 18901. All subsequent communications or supplemental information should be sent to the Administrator unless the Administrator directs otherwise.

Requests and supporting documentation can be submitted with the candidate’s or diplomate’s application up to one year in advance of the exam the candidate or diplomate wishes to take. The ABO requests that all documentation be received by four (4) months prior to the exam the candidate or diplomate wishes to take.

Candidates or diplomates who anticipate the need for accommodations should contact the ABO office in advance of the applicable deadline to allow sufficient time for submitting required documentation that may not be readily available, or for supplying additional documentation. Substantial planning and resources are necessary for ABO examinations, which is why it is crucial all supporting documentation is received by the dates posted above. The ABO may also contact the candidate or diplomate for additional information. Please note, the ABO may not consider supporting documentation that is not received by the deadline.