Editing or creating content is something that is usually done in the module of the object we want to edit or create. But sometimes, as edit forms are completed, the need to edit to edit or create the content of an association can happen. To avoid having to navigate to the module of the object of interest, you can create new content from tree selectors.

To reach the tree selector window, it can be done in the following sections of the Details page Create/Edit form:

Section Objects Implementation Status
What are the Responsibilities? All except for Org Units, Roles, Resources and Inputs/Outputs Implemented
Which Documents are used? All except for Objectives Implemented
How is Performance measured? Process Implemented
Which Business Rules are applicable? Process, Assets, Attributes, Entities, Rules Implemented
Which Risks are applicable? Process, KPI, KRI, KCI, Rule Implemented
What are the Child Risks? Risks Implemented
What is the Risk Analysis? Risks Implemented
Which Controls are applicable? Process, Risks, KPI, KRI, KCI Implemented
Which Master Data are used? Process Implemented
What are the Permissions Attributes, Entities Implemented

The following sections give more details on how tree selector editing works:

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