Customizing “My Actions” will allow users to view multiple different actions a user must perform in one or multiple Widget windows based on personal preference. Please follow the instructions below to customize the “My Actions” Widget.

1. Upon login, you will be greeted with the following page:

2. To add widgets to your home page, next you navigate to the “Manage Widgets” and add the “My Performance” Widget. (Please see How to add Widgets from Home page above for further detail).

3. Once the “My Actions” Widget has been added to the Home page, select the icon at the top right corner of the Widget and select the button.

4. Users will have 2 major fields that can be edited in the “My Actions” Widget

Item Setting Purpose
A Name Allows user to customize the title of Widget
B Display the Following Pending Items Display specific actions a user is responsible to take

A. Name: The “Name” Section will allow a user to customize the name of the Widget. To edit the “Name” section, please follow the instructions below

i. Navigate cursor over existing name box

ii. Edit name by selecting name box and typing in desired name

B. Display the Following Pending Items: This function allows users to view their different actions and pending approvals.

i. Navigate cursor over viewing panel

ii. Click on the task bar, which will generate a drop-down menu

iii. Select/Deselect desired object(s) to be featured in Widget window by navigating cursor and clicking on respective objects. Additionally, the drop-down menu features and buttons that can be used for mass selection.

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