The Student section on the top menu, will show the details for each student.
Each student will have a tab for the following information:

Classes Address Guardian Email Phone School Questions


The Classes listed in this tab are all classes the student is currently enrolled in.
If there are multiple seasons with enrollment, maybe current season and a future season which already opened enrollment, you can see the season in the last column.
The class will also have the day of the week and times of each class.
If there is a discrepancy, please contact the studio.


The address is for the student specifically. Each parent/guardian will also have their own address tab if it is different from the student.


Students can have one or more guardians. Each guardian can have their own address, phone numbers and email that can be the same or differ from the student. The Default bill to check box, lets you designate which email will receive the invoices.


Students are able to have more than one email address on file. Email correspondance will go to all emails on the email tab.


A student can have multiple phone numbers on file. These numbers are for the studio’s reference only. No communication/texts will be sent to these numbers. To add a new number click the ADD NEW PHONE button and complete the fields.

School Questions

Your studio has created questions they would like all of their students to answer. They may ask for medical informtion as well as other items.

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