Program for the Synod Assembly

The Program of the assembly is the overarching schedule of events connected with our gathering. The business meetings are just part of that overarching schedule. We also gather for worship and meals, and, sometimes, we gather for education, entertainment, and fellowship as well. Because there are many different and interdependent actors involved in providing meals and worship, the program of an assembly is set in advance by the assembly planning team under the oversight of the synod officers and Synod Council.

Friday, 31 May 2019

Grace Lutheran Church
16 Ridgecrest Road
Wheeling WV 26003

1:00—1:15 PM Opening Devotions
1:15—2:45 PM Business Meeting I of the Synod Assembly
2:45—3:15 PM Break
3:15—4:00 PM Keynote
4:00—5:40 PM Workshops
See attached “Workshops” section for details
5:45—6:55 PM Dinner
7:00—8:15 PM Mass
8:15—9:30 PM Reception

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Highlands Event Center
355 Wharton Circle, Suite 235
Triadelphia, WV 26059

8:30—8:45 AM Morning Devotions
8:45—11:15 AM Business Meeting II of the Synod Assembly
11:15—11:59 AM Ad Hoc Committee on United Lutheran Seminary: Open Hearing
12:00—12:55 PM Lunch
13:00—4:00 PM Business Meeting III of the Synod Assembly
4:00 PM Adjournment and Closing Devotions

Agenda for the Synod Assembly

The Agenda of the assembly is the schedule that governs the business meetings of the assembly. While the program is set by the assembly planning team (as authorized and within the parameters set by the Synod Council), the agenda, is wholly owned by the assembly, i.e., the assembly sets the order of business and times at which special orders take place within the parameters of the governing documents and the parliamentary authority. Consequently, the assembly is provided with a proposed agenda, but it is free to adopt, amend, or reject the proposed agenda.

An agenda features two classes of orders: (1) the order of business and (2) special orders. The order of business is the sequence in which business is handled. There are no specific times assigned to any of the items in the order of business (except for the call to order). One simply moves from one item to the next as each item is either completed or the assembly chooses to set aside for consideration at a later time. Special orders have assigned times, and a special order may interrupt the flow of business, suspending the flow of regular business until the special order is dispensed with. Once the special order has been dispensed with, the business resumes where it left off. If the chair neglects to proceed to special orders at the time appointed, any member can compel the chair to do so by “calling for the orders of the day.”

When the agenda is presented to the assembly, the chair will ask for a motion to adopt the agenda (i.e., the order of business and special orders for the Friday and Saturday). As mentioned, the agenda may be amended (like any other motion) as part of their consideration. Once approved, the agenda may be amended under the same rules as used for amending something previously adopted. New special orders may be created by the assembly throughout the course of the session.

Special Orders

Friday, May 31 2:30 PM Elections Committee / First Ballot
2:45 PM Adjournment until Saturday Morning, 8:45 AM
Saturday, June 1 8:45 AM Call to Order for Meeting II
8:46 AM Elections Committee / Report & Second Ballot
11:15 AM Adjournment until Saturday Afternoon, 1:00 PM
1:00 PM Call to Order for Meeting III
4:00 PM Adjournment

Order of Business

Call to Order
Report of the Registration Committee
Organization of the Assembly
  • Announcements
  • Consideration of the Rules of the Assembly
  • Consideration of the Agenda & Program of the Assembly
  • Introductions
Report of the Secretary
  • Consideration of Recommendations from Synod Council
Report of the Nominating Committee
  • Nominations from the Floor
Report of the Bishop
Report of the Vice President
Report of the Treasurer
  • Consideration of the Budget
Report of the Churchwide Representative
Report of the Committee on the Bishop’s Report
Report of the Committee on Reference & Counsel
Report of the Committee on Resolutions
Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on United Lutheran Seminary
Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Bylaws
Unfinished Business
New Business


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