Definitions of Terms used in the application and the manual.

Term Definition
application The application can provide different roles that can be assigned to users. Application roles can, among other things, influence the visibility of control elements, data sets, or sections in application masks.
execute Start or call an action or link by selecting.
select choose one or more data profiles to edit them together.
Selection list A list from which the user can make a selection.
Selection list (value) A selection list for which, when a value is selected, a user precisely stores the selected value in the data record. When the selection value is changed in the configuration of the selection list, nothing changes at the display of the selected values ​​in the data sets.
Selection list (reference) A selection list, for which a reference to the selected value is stored in the data record when a value is selected by a user. When the selection value is changed in the configuration of the selection list, the modified selection value is immediately displayed in all data sets in which this value was selected.
selection value A value that displayed in a selection list.
user The person who uses the application.
data column The part of a data table in which different data of the same data type are stored for all data records.
record All the different data columns that represent a business object.
designer The part of the product used to process different configurations. The designer includes a toolbox, the design, and the properties of each control within the design’s configuration.
Calendar view View records in a calendar view.
Ribbon The corresponding actions are offered in the menubar of a view or a mask. Often also called toolbar or iconbar.
Tab Many different simultaneously opened windows within the product are displayed as tabs within the product. Tabs are also used within a mask to display tables.
Tab Container Summary of multiple tabs within masks.
Data table List of all columns (fields) of a data record. It thus defines the data fields of a data record.
Mask Displays a data set and, if applicable, relations of the data record
View List of records with a structure on columns. Synonyms: Grid, List
Navigation Consists of elements that control the application.
Relation A relation is a 1: n similarity between two data tables.
Controls Approximately 60+ tools that make up the applications. The controls are the tools to edit how the data is displayd to the user.
Name Name of an object which is required for the internal administration of the object. The name will normally not be visible to users.
Titel The user-visible name of an object that is required to manage an object. The name is visible to users.
Grouping Groups of records in a view with one or more same filter criteria. Synonym: Category.
Detailed view A view within a mask that leads to a concrete record that displays the associated records with a 1: n relation.