If you are receiving an error message that the Sygic GPS Navigation app cannot connect to servers in the menu → Maps section, or in the Sygic Store, then the most common solution to resolve it is to follow these quick steps:

  1. Go to Menu → Settings → Menu in the top right corner of the settings
  2. Select Reset to defaults
  3. Close the app and start it again.
  4. This action will reset all your settings in the app to it’s default values. It will not affect your personal data in the app – your favorites, routes, everything will remain intact as it was.

If you still cannot access these sections in the app, you may want to consider the following options:

  1. Turn your device off and on again.
  2. Try using a browser and check if you can access the internet – if you can’t, then it’s likely a network issue, probably a simple router restart will help.
  3. Also check for any firewall or antivirus app that could be blocking it’s access to the internet.
  4. Try connecting using a different network connection

If the problem persists after you’ve tried it on a different network connection, please use the Submit a request button on the Help/FAQ website to contact our support team with the following additional information:

  • Device model and OS version (all devices that have this issue)
  • Which part of the app is it not possible to access
  • The device code from the Sygic App → Menu → Settings → Information → About.
  • Anything else that you think could help us in identifying the issue

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