If you would like to change the settings for the maps, tap on Menu > Settings > Map.

Then you can choose which options you wish to change:

  • Color scheme
    Set the currently set color scheme to day/night or let the app decide based on your current position in the app and time according to the sunset and sunrise hours
  • Points of interest
    You can disable or enable the display of all POIs or you can select which categories you want to have displayed on the map
  • Speed cameras
  • Autozoom
    Enable/disable autozooming, which occurs each time the app acquires a fix on your current location, or changes
  • Zoom Control
    Enable/disable displaying of +/- buttons, allowing you to zoom the map
  • Lock Rotation

The following map details can be modified:

  • Buildings:
    Set the display of 3D buildings if available in the app to elevated, footprint or turn them off
  • Landmarks:
    Enable or disable the display of 3D landmark models in the map
  • Photos
    Enable/disable the display of Photos in the map

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