Sygic GPS Navigation uses two basic modes – Navigation mode and Map mode.

In the Navigation mode the navigation screen shows the map of your surroundings with highlighted navigation route. Once you get to a turn or junction, you will see an arrow showing the direction you need to take. Besides turn by turn navigation, the navigation screen shows a lot of additional information:

1. Direction/distance of the next turn
2. Signpost before the next junction
3. Point of interests on the route
4. Speed camera
5. Upcoming Speed limit
6. Lane assistant
7. Current position
8. Report menu
9. Remaining time to the destination
10. Estimated time of arrival
11. Remaining distance to the destination
12. Quick menu
13. Current street name
14. Speed limit on the current road
15. Current speed

Map mode allows more efficient map browsing, choosing the destination by clicking on the map or specific address or POI search using the search bar at the top of the screen

1. Quick menu
2. Current position
3. Show current position
4. Menu
5. Destination search
6. Favorites/History/Contacts
7. Change map orientation
8. POI

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