ConveyLinx-Ai Family Modules are designed to operate Senergy-Ai Technology based motor units. These motor units are utilized in both Motorized Drive Rollers (MDR) for conveyors and Pulse Gear Drive (PGD) units that can be used for both conveyor and non-conveyor applications.

Out of the box, ConveyLinx-Ai Family Modules are designed primarily to be installed and integrated into the conveyor’s mechanical side frame assembly. The ConveyLinx-Ai Family Modules is a controller for up to 2 MDR conveyor zones. Each ConveyLinx-Ai Family Modules provides connection points for 2 MDR units with their corresponding 2 photo-sensors as well as upstream and downstream network and discreet interconnections to form a complete control system for zoned MDR conveyors.

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Identifying ConveyLinx-Ai Family Modules Components
Mounting Dimensions
Motor Ports
Sensor Ports
Ethernet Ports
Power Connections
Power Supply Sizing
LED Status Indicators
Technical Specifications