This user manual was designed for new and current clients to easily understand the full potential that the INSiGHT has to offer. This user manual itself focuses on how to use Synapse, the software that powers your INSiGHT Scanning Technologies. Basic instrument review is included. If you would like more training on how to scan, interpret, and report, reference the “INSiGHT Academy” or email us at

Note: There are two modes of Synapse. Synapse XLE and Synapse INSiGHT Bridge:

  • Synapse XLE mode connects the INSiGHT instruments directly to an iPad. All the latest INSiGHT technologies are designed to operate in the Synapse XLE mode.
  • Synapse INSiGHT Bridge mode connects the INSiGHT scanning technologies to an iPad through a microcomputer called the INSiGHT Bridge. Clients with older INSiGHT scanning technologies use Synapse INSiGHT Bridge mode. If your INSiGHT came with an INSiGHT Bridge, there are specific sections for your review included in the user manual. Follow the prompts to get access to specific sections.