At present, the use of Personas is not supported by Testimony. The main reason for this is that with Personas, quite a lot of processing happens on the front end, and Testimony, as a tool which records at the back end, cannot capture this information. It is therefore necessary to disable Personas in the target system before running a playback.

How Testimony handles Personas transactions

If the source system contains some use of Personas, then these transactions will still have been recorded. However, since Testimony only records within the SAP system, it is possible that some features within Personas screens may not have been captured. For example, with Personas it is possible to have extra fields for selection on the front end which are not passed back to the SAP system. These might be used, for example, to filter possible entries on other screen fields that do get passed to the back end.

During a recording where Personas are used, Testimony will still record the back-end interactions of the Personas transactions. During a playback, however, Testimony will only be able to play back the “standard” SAPGUI transaction. This means that if any Personas-specific functionality has been used, then this cannot be included in the playback, and so the transaction is likely to fail.

Note that in many cases, Personas are only used to “de-clutter” the screens. So, instead of a screen having 20 fields, only 6 of which are actually used, Personas enables customers to create a screen with just the 6 fields that are used. Where Personas are used in this way – i.e., with no other front-end logic – then Testimony will be able to successfully play back the transaction using the standard SAPGUI screens.

Disabling Personas for the playback

In order to disable Personas for the playback, in the target system go to transaction /n/personas/settings and add the following entry:


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